Baron Corbin On When He Was Told About His Unsuccessful MITB Briefcase Cash-In

Baron Corbin recently appeared on All Things Wrestling Radio. During this interview, he talked about winning the Money in the Bank briefcase last July and when he was told that he would not be winning the World Title when he cashed in. Here is what he had to say (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

“It was kinda like an hour before [SmackDown Live],” said Corbin. “We discussed, and then they made a decision that was gonna be the night. It didn’t work out, but, yeah it was definitely about an hour before. I mean, it’s the fun part of this business. You never know what your day is gonna hold. Some things could be very, very last minute. It could be at that very last second. So, it’s pretty wild, and it keeps you on your toes. That’s for sure.”