Batista Addresses Criticism From Fans, Wishes They Were More Supportive Of His WWE Return

Batista addresses his fan criticism and the negative response to his WWE return in a clip from his forthcoming DVD release. Here are a couple quotes from The Animal:

“I’m just one of those people who never really cared about being cheered or booed. If they cheered me, it motivated me. If they booed me, it motivated me more.”

“Fans say I don’t deserve it (Royal Rumble win). It’s like they forgot the 10, 12 years beforehand.”

“I try to never be disrespectful. I left not because I wanted to leave, but because I needed to achieve some things on my own without the WWE.”

“To tell you the truth, I wish the crowd had been a little more supportive.”

“When I come back to WWE, I’m with WWE.”

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  • ksedude

    If you come back to WWE, and you’re “with” WWE, you don’t make demands for more money and a light schedule just so you can squeeze in a few matches between movies. I know there will be people on here replying saying I don’t know what I’m talking about or whatever, but I’ve read and seen too many interviews with this guy saying he isn’t satisfied with this and that… Gtfo then and stay out. John Cena and Batista started rising around the same time, and Cena is booed relentlessly most of the time. I don’t see Cena saying he deserves more than that. Cena also works every WWE show almost. I know Batista is older but that’s not anybody else’s fault.

    If Batista wants the audience to respect him, then he needs to be a company guy.

    • Ty Gibson

      Batista isn’t disliked by fans because of him wanting more money or lighter schedules. He was cheered when he returned. He is simply disliked because fans thought that Daniel Bryan was going to enter and win the Royal Rumble and when Daniel DIDN’T enter and Batista won they booed him. Rey Mysterio was even booed of all people. It’s like a chain reaction. One city boos someone and every city jumps on the bandwagon. Everybody loved John Cena. I don’t know at what point the booing started, but the 1st time I noticed it was WM22 in Chicago. Then everybody just decided to boo the guy all around the world and even in his hometown.

      • ksedude

        You’re saying audiences boo Batista just because of the Royal Rumble?

        Yeah if I remember right WM22 was the first time Cena was booed, because the announcers were commenting on it saying they’re not sure why the audience was reacting that way.

        • Jared Mosher

          Yes, I would say that is the main reason for all of this. The people wanted Batista back. I wanted Batista back and I think he is right that he deserves to be in the main event tier. People were pissed because he came back after 4 years of not doing anything with WWE and is instantly given the Royal Rumble win and Wrestlemania main event when it should have been Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, or CM Punk who deserved that spot in 2014. This was a time to when everyone was frustrated with HHH and the office because of Dbry getting screwed over constantly, and Batista came back and was given what Dbry or others deserved because of his friendship with HHH. It was completely the wrong way to bring him back. He should’ve started with a feud against Sheamus or Roman Reigns and maybe have gotten a title shot at summerslam. Now that Wrestlemania is over, I think it’s just something that has stuck with him, and he’s a heel now. I’m liking his return and feud with the Shield now that the initial bs has cleared and think the fans can cut him some slack now, I like him better in WWE than being gone. Also, fans were getting sick of Cena before WM 22, but yeah, that was the first time I think he got majorly booed in favor of a heel.