Batista Flips The Bird After WWE Royal Rumble Goes Off The Air (Photo) correspondent Austin Shaw was at Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble and saw an altercation between Royal Rumble winner Batista and a fan.

While “The Animal” was high-fiving fans, making his way to the back, one fan in what was believed to be in a CM Punk t-shirt, flipped up the finger at him. Batista looked at him as he kept high-fiving the fans, and the fan did it again. Batista thought about it, and then gave the finger back to him. He was standing in that spot for around 20 seconds and then continued to make his way to the back while getting boo’d.

You can check out a photo of Batista flipping the bird below:

  • james

    batista is a waste of space he gased out about 10 seconds into the match im not saying daniel bryan should have been in and won nesacarily but batista sure as hell shouldnt have . and also as much as i hate the rock atleast the rock could go 5 minutes before getting gased out batista didnt even last a minute before he was gased out in the corner

    • RVD4Life

      You speak the truth.. he looked so terrible. Bryan didn’t necessarily have to be in the Rumble, but the fans let it be known that Batista is not welcome in the WWE.. fuck that guy

      • Raihan Khan

        and u know ur gonna watch is next movie

    • James Humwood

      is it wrong that i liked my own comment xD

    • WWEsweetfan

      Couldn’t agree more. Batista was appointed to win by WWE because they already had a Wrestle Mania 30 poster printed stating Batista vs Randy Orton. How typical.

    • Lee

      Ah shut up. U butthurt Daniel Bryan isn’t on top? Here’s a napkin

  • James Humwood

    hell i would rather have bad new barrett win lol

  • JamesRossiter

    Roid rage.

  • Lucas

    I’m glad Batista won

  • Kyle

    Letting him come in at 28, and win, was a joke. Especially 15 minutes early. Him coming so late, makes me think they’re setting up for him to be in the Authority, and that’s how he got in so late. Corporate Kane was a cool surprise.

  • batista sucks

    I’m so proud of that crowd for letting Batista know what an unwanted piece of garbage he is. The chorus of boos was the only good thing about the end of the PPV. I know people got annoyed by part-timer Rock returning too but at least that guy can work both in the ring and on the mic. Batista is garbage and always was. Probably gonna have to have the belt on Cena or someone else by WM because no way is Batista gonna get over as a face to go against a heel Orton. Hope crowds continue to boo Batista every time he shows up these next few weeks.

    • Lee

      Ah shut the fuck up already lol..Who cares what the stupid fans think? Batista is where hexneeds to be whether you are BUTT HURT over it or not. YOU’RE OPINION DOESN’T MATTER

  • akash shah

    Batista’s an idiot, he obviously didn bother working out on his stamina and in-ring performance, he couldn’t even spear properly, his umm trademark move, roman reigns was the best dominant performer, even the midcard player antonio cesaro gave a spectacular performance..batista brings their hardwork to shame- conclusion

    • Lee

      Nah, you’re an idiot

  • TigOlBitties


  • William Brinsky

    its gonna be batista vs lesnar for the belt at mania 30 they already have the wm 30 2 pack figures out

  • SimonLL

    Man, Batista proably got the biggest boos he has ever received…and he just came back the second day in the WWE, the boos were already huge…just got a feeling that he will keep getting massive boo from now on…

  • Raihan Khan

    batista my man, real heel now

  • Cody Cosmos

    Batista to think he was gonna be welcomed back as a hero, *laughs* Don’t get me wrong I like Dave, but not headlining the 30th WrestleMania.

  • pinnochio

    i think that batista is the best wrestler in the world…he is the mannnnn ……..oh nooooo my nose wont stop growing ..god damn curse…lol daniel bryan is the shit ive never seen anyone get that bigg of pops from the wwe universe since the attitude era rock/austin ..even so d bry gets bigger pops then they did a steve austin fan for life it sucks that he isnt around now but i could watch his old clips all day and still enjoy it better then most the stuff these days

  • Cnyautofreak

    how is it RVD got tons of fan cheers and is already gone but dave batista gets boo’ed incessantly and goes to wrestlemania. That turd hasnt even been working all year, why stay in pro wrestling if you’re going to work all year 300 nights in most cases, only to have your spot taken away by some guy who flies in for 1 match and gets the nod. “fake” or not WWE is pulling the same shit behind the scenes as Washington DC, the NFL and most other bullsh*t organizations.

    • Cnyautofreak

      and im not saying this cuz d-bry wasnt in the rumble. im saying this because at least 25 of the competitors deserved to be the headliner simply for working this past year, and not being some hotshot that flies in for a 2 week stint and gets the bump to the big event. ***COUGH COUGH COUGH*** DWAYNE.

  • Paul

    I understand you guys dont like Batista and thats fine but I dont understand the logic in terms of the fans IN HOUSE for the Royal Rumble the other night! first of all Batista comes out the week before and just plainly states he is going to win the Rumble! fans cheered him for months and cheered that! fast forward a week later at the Rumble..and guess what?? BATISTA WINS! and what do the fans do?? BOO him! give me a break! I’d have flipped them off too! and only because Daniel Bryan wasnt in the Rumble? not Batista’s fault! I dont blame Batista for getting angry. And finally, as far as Roman Reigns goes yeah he is a big star a future star in the making..but he is NOT Batista not yet! and WWE Creative obviously recognized that. Mick Foley even said that “his” comments were not directed at Batista himself! they were directed AT the higher-ups. OK Ive ranted long enough any thoughts anyone on what I said here??

    • Otherside Jackass

      I feel where your coming from, but at the same time I feel that WWE ruined Batistas return…and also..Batista looked out of shape and not ready…and the fact is when you think more about isnt fair that someone who left the WWE for four years comes back and gets a main event spot. And after the events that have happened people are starting to realize the unfairness and complete stupidity of WWE. So thats basically why people have had a change of heart on Batista and WWE lately. Its kinda that True wrestler fan thing…that people are doing…They like something but when they start to understand that its not beneficial for them or anyone then they turn on it..for the great or good. So its that kinda thing..

      • Paul

        That does make all the sense in the world actually but I just cant help being PRO Batista lol I loved him back in the day and he was definitely in shape and kickin ass all over that ring so I want to see the same thing again and relive some of that old magic:) holding out hope! And I cant stand Alberto DelRio so I hope Batista destroys him:) that match is “rumored” for EC. HOW bout that Shield vs the Wyatts now booked for E.C.? Id hoped that was gonna happen every since their first altercation a few months back. That match alone will make Elim Chamber worth the price of admission I think!:)

        • Otherside Jackass

          Hope the old magic with batista comes back too…and Hell so excited for Wyatts vs Shields…its about dam time lol!

  • kanethebeast


  • matthew mah Lee

    Wwe bad story lines backstage inthe wwe

  • matthew mah Lee

    Rock sellout his to next movies for what more money

  • matthew mah Lee

    Wwe needs help from lord big time now Jesus help us now

  • Ellis Tilley

    To be honest, Roman Reins deserved to win, WWE better not waste the powerhouse of the shield like they did with mason Ryan.