Batista Gets Backstage Heat After Royal Rumble, Negative Feedback From Fans Leaving, More

– As reported, Batista was involved in an altercation with the crowd on his way up the ramp after the Royal Rumble match Sunday night and was seen flipping the bird. There were some people backstage that were reportedly not happy about this.

– There was a lot of negative feedback coming from fans on their way out of the arena after Sunday night’s Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh.

– After winning an award at the UK National TV Awards this past week, the cast of Educating Yorkshire did a Daniel Bryan “Yes!” chant on stage.

– WWE’s shop website has released new t-shirts for Sheamus and Ryback.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Trainwreck

    All of this Rumble shit is surreal.
    How did they not know this was going to happen.

    • I Will Bury You

      Because sadly they are clueless.

  • batistasucks

    Good. Batista deserved every bit of the horrible reaction. Funny that he can’t even go one night without already letting it get to him and starting to act like a heel. Shows how insecure he is. Apparently he pictured himself coming back to a roar of cheers and smiles. Nobody wants to see him. Before the cameras were even turned off at the end he was already climbing up on the turnbuckle and mouthing off to the fans instead of playing it like a face.

    Only way to salvage anything decent out of this is that they better realize to turn him heel. Remember when they used to understand that the crowd dictates whether someone is over or not. If you keep trying to force a face Batista pulling off a glorious return to the business, these next few months will go down in flames. He needs to be full heel as soon as Raw tonight, let him react to the boos he got last night. Try to send him to WM as the face for the main event and I’m reconsidering subscribing to the Network after all.

    • Hosep

      I agree the only logical option is to turn him heel now, but WWE should have realized this would happen. You can’t have someone who has been away for 4 years walk in and literally get the WM headline spot after one match. Because of THAT Batista got the negative reactions. Did he deserve it? I don’t think so…its unfortunate.

      • John Knopick

        Here’s the thing though. Even though the logical option is to turn him heel…when was the last time we had two heels facing off in a Wrestlemania Main Event? They SEVERELY screwed the pooch by having him win. They could of had Roman Reigns win, finish the split w/The Shield and then they’d have their Traditional Face vs Heel Main Event. Only thing I can think of is MAYBE they’ll find a way to throw in a 3rd person (DBry for example) after the Elimination Chamber and make it a 3 Way Dance for the crown. Obviously Orton/Bryan would have been a MUCH better draw than Orton/Batista.

        BTW though, you mentioned a person who’s been away for 4 years walk in and literally get the WM Headline spot after one match. I know he wasn’t in a match per se, but isn’t that exactly what the Rock did?? He hosted Wrestlemania, interfered with Cena, and that setup their first of 2 Wrestlemania Main-Event Matches.

        I know that “Dwayne” is on a totally different plane than what “Dave” is on, but still….. they’ve gotta listen to the fans and right now Batista/Orton is NOT what they’re wanting to see.

        • Hosep

          Oh I completely agree…WWE screwed themselves on this one, because like you said..they can’t do a heel vs heel WM. I was wondering what the stipulation would be for the winner of the elimination chamber…it obviously can’t be a title shot at mania.

          • Justin Hinkle

            They better seriously do something at Elimination Chamber to change this shit. I say have Bryan win the chamber match and become WWE champion and have him face a heel Batista. Only logical thing to do imo.

          • John Knopick

            I agree that would make sense, but then you’re leaving Orton out in the cold with nobody to face. What I could see happening, is there not be a clean finish between Orton and Bryan at the Chamber, and they make a 3 way dance for mania. There’s no way they can leave it heel vs heel, that wouldn’t be a good draw, especially when you need a BIG match for the main title of your company.

          • Justin Hinkle

            Well yeah they could make it a 3 way, they just need to have Bryan in there somewhere to make the fans even care about the match. Just as long as Bryan’s apart of the match it’ll all be good.

          • Ben Fuller

            Bryan sucks. Would rather see a completly new face in the picture like kofi kingston. That guy works his ass off week after week and still gets overlooked. Fact is db has hsd his chances time for others to get a dam chance as wwe is and will akways be bigger than one person. Bigger than cena bigger than punk and bigger than daniel bryan. Soon as fans realise this the better and dam it db have a dam haircut and shave you look like a dam billy goat

          • jameskrug

            People that agree with Ben Fuller = 0. That was a terrible post, Ben. Please don’t do that again.

          • jerseyjay

            lol, too funny n true.its db time to shine.crowd goes crazy for dat fella night in night out.Diego Sanchez deserves a nice check for that Yes chant.

          • I Will Bury You

            That was pretty horrible. I don’t know what’s worse that post or Bryan getting buried.

      • Eddie Miller

        Not true , The Rock did it , and was gone much longer .

        • danny4572

          rock is the rock.. he retired, moved onto acting, has become a successful actor, wanted to return to wwe and give the fans some more moments.. batista left, failed, came back and was set up in a match that nobody wants to see straight away and in a position that should belong to bryan… bryan was building momentum and getting pushed into the title picture.. it was all built in a way that looked like bryan would finally get the shot at mania and then batista just comes back….

    • Ben Fuller

      Speak for yourself. Im glad batista is back. Db had his chances and the authority are right he only cares bout whats best for him. As for batista last week when he returned the entire universe cheered and chanted his name goes to show how two faced most wwe fans are. Me I have hated Db from day one and always will. That being said im no huge fan of batista and I think like kesnar hes only really back for a big paycheck but at least it means the championship picture has a new face in it abd not just cena bryan orton all yhe time. Db’s gimmick is one of the worst in history but further proof of fans being two faced when bryan joined wyatt family u no chanted and booed soon as he was back to himself u cheered and chanted. Wwe run there company the way they want not what the fans want and its bout dam time people realise if they dont like it DONT watch it.

      • Kyle

        Perfectly said man. Perfectly said. Sheep fans following DB and that horrible gimmick just like CM PUNK. CM Punk came out and talked about being God and complained week after week, I understand the “heel” thing. Get ppl to hate you.. well that was just flat out annoying and it did nothing but make me change the channel everytime his music qued until the Rock showed up to put a end to that. Glad it was in my city to, Phoenix!

        • danny4572

          “CM Punk came out and talked about being God”? lol what are you even talking about? i think you be smoking that good good before watching..or maybe you are talking about that 1 metaphorical quote which has been used many times and decided to take it super duper literal and to heart due to being an oversensitive cry baby?… and some of punks best promos were in his last heel run…. i got chills on the promo punk cut when he laid the title down.. i have always been a huge fan of rock but cm punk made rock look amateur.. then again rock wasnt exactly at the level he was in the attitude era..

      • danny4572

        you sound like a little kid.. is it still real to you dammit? batista didnt get a very big reaction at all when he returned.. if i remember correctly cm punk got louder pops that night and so did daniel bryan… also bryan was cheered in the wyatt family… deeerp

      • I Will Bury You

        You know it’s fake right? No need to get butt hurt over stuff.

  • Nick Mancuso

    Wrestling fans with negative feedback??? No waaaaayyyyyyy

    • I Will Bury You

      Sadly some of these idiots still think it’s real. The injuries are sometimes real.

  • Jonathan Baylor

    So if everything stays the same will Triple H betray Randy and have Batista as new champion? I’m guessing yes. Cena got screwed again.

    • Tony

      Anything you ever say related to wrestling will forever be pointless and irrelevant because you said “Cena got screwed again”. The guy is a human shovel… Burying anyone in his way of feeding his ego. Please do yourself a favor and stop posting about WWE because you sound like a moron

      • Lena

        I agree that Cena buries the talent but people saying he has a huge ego I’m not sure I agree with that. I get the feeling Cena just does whatever the fuck Vince ask of him. Their are times I question why Cena couldn’t drop a match for this person (Beating the Nexus.) but idk I just don’t get ego maniac the way I got it from Hogan, HHH now or Kevin Nash at WCW. Also unlike Batista Cena seems to take the high road of the crowds that’s revolting as we should. I’m not a Cena fan but egomaniac is just not what I’d call the guy for whatever reason.

        • Ben Fuller

          Well said. And compared to randy orton cena definitely has no ego

      • Ben Fuller

        Same goes for ur comment. How may times do you people need to be told Cena doesnt make these decisions he doesnt even have a big ego compared to bryan and orton. They both expect everything to be about them. Since orton bren made face of wwe how many times has cena grabbed the mic and bitched about it?? NONE. The wwe suits decide all these things and you comment suggests its not that talent gets put over thats the problrm its just because its NOT THE GUY you want doing it.fact is db had his chances time to give others a chance then allow db to have a chance or to after wm when orton is likely out of the picture thus meaning we dont get fed irton bryan gor months again just a few months after the first time the did it

        • danny4572

          my god your comments man.. you are a moron.. you have no idea how the wrestling business operates at all.. i would advice you to stop commenting on things you lack knowledge of.. like wow lmao

  • Latoya

    I don’t know if the answer is to turn Batista into a heel. I think there is so much outrage because they continue to do the same over and over again. Obviously bryan is the favorite tight now and the people REALLY wanna seem him get a shot. This is the second time they used the rumble to create another headlining, main event(Cena vs. Rock, Dena won the rumble). It isn’t necessary to give headliners like Batista the win at the Royal Rumble because he doesn’t need the push, just give him the match. People want to see their favourites on matches that get them to the top like the rumble. Isn’t that what it is suppose to be used for. I guess it will ALWAYS be too much to ask to give others a chance @ the top.

    • Ben Fuller

      Daniel bryan had his shot he just didnt do enough to impress the people it really matters to keep him. The wwe fans are not who u need to impress because they so easily chabge there minds.for example raw jan 20th batista returns to standing ovation cheers at batista chants. At royal rumbe they turn on him because daniel “billy goat” bryan doesnt enter and win rumble which I might add us not batista’s fault. Or when they turn on db when he joined wyatts only to like him again when he turned on them. This is why the wwe will never listen to its fans because there support of superstars changes quickly. If db never had a chance in his wwe career I would be saying he should get a chance but the fact is he has had chances and while the authority screwed him that doesnt mean he goes to the front of every queue. Until db stops being self centered and acting like the wwe is there solely for his benefit the better

      • Peter Davies

        i respect your oppinion but look at interviews with wrestlers, and general views of wrestlers is that daniel bryan is very well liked by them and respected. They say he is very humble. He in all his interviews pretty much says that anyone who gets to top including him is all about luck and right timing. He says plenty of other wrestlers deserve it as much as him. to say db is self centered is wide of the mark i think. I think one of reasons people like him so much is cause you can tell he is a really nice guy and genuine.Has a real passion for the buisness and works so hard. He does best of what is dealt him. He is just really good at what he does and has got the baby face come back and fire up down perfectly. Bray wyatt is prob gonna be awesome but it no coincidence that his best in ring showing so far is with daniel bryan. Cena’s best match in while was with Daniel byran. Sheamus has said on record his fav opponent is Daniel Bryan.Yes bryan is not as dynamic as punk or rock or austin or even cena when he is on it on mic. But he isn’t aweful lol. Infact there is something very down to earth and real about him on the mic. I just love fact he enjoys it. like the title unifcation segment on raw when fans chanted his name and when cena used him in promo could tell he was just like overwhelmed and just loving it and just a real reaction to it. I think fact is people relate to bryan, i know i do because he is not about flashy cars, big mansions, or big muscles but someone who is just likeable and loves his job. who cares about his looks?, Ive never watched wrestling for looks lol, Fact is People who know the buisness like jr says bryan is over big time and wwe will do something big with him other wise buisness has changed more than he realised.

      • danny4572

        “standing ovation cheers”? no it was not lmao.. he got a decent reaction but in that same night more noise was made for bryan and cm punk for example… and actually when flair mentioned batista at the rumble you could hear boos.. before people found out that bryan wasnt in the rumble.. also bryan was cheered when he was in the wyatt family..and wwe was trying to make it look like bryan was legitimately with them and going heel so even if he was going to be booed it wouldnt have been shocking… honestly most of your comment is bs.. you are talking about “the authority” like they are not the part of a storyline.. you talk about bryan himself calling him “self centered and acting like the wwe is there solely for his benefit” based on what?? tool..

      • I Will Bury You

        Are you still going on about this. It’s not real jeez.

  • king90

    batista is the best,he is the face of the wwe,you stupid bryan fans,how can you support a little man with beard he is a loser,he will never be good as batista

    • Leonard Norwood Jr.

      That’s just what you think king90. I understand that you like batista and I do too, but I wouldn’t count DB out either. Even those 7 likes you have on this comment don’t mean jack compared to how many people like DB. And its not just DB who deserves a shot.

    • danny4572

      “,how can you support a little man with beard”? by chanting him, buying his merch etc.. ,”he will never be good as batista”? that is exactly true as daniel bryan surpasses batista unarguably in the ring and even on the microphone.. theres a reason why bryan doesnt wrestle matches where the crowd have more interest in booing than paying attention to the match..

  • Jason

    does anyone get the fact how boring 3 quarters of the roster is? WWE is lacking so much in star power these days with Undertaker gone until mania, Rock gone, Triple H gone, Outlaws back, Batista Back, this proves that WWE is desperate in bringing in and/or bringing back Star Power. Thus Batista/Outlaws. “Oh why not push the younger talent to make them into stars” its simple its all about putting trust into the right one. and having to GAIN trust takes time. so while its TAKING TIME they bring in people that are already at the Star Power level. Shit milking people like Orton,Cena, Punk, Bryan for all they’re worth knowing how often injuries occur, shit Thats Vince Mcmahon for you.

    • viper 74

      That is the problems when a company controls every aspect of it business.
      The WWE is hurting because it has become to self absorb and egotistical .
      As the leadership of the WWE changes hands from Vince to those two idiots Paul ” Triple H ” Levesque. There is in my mind one person who may be able to change/ fix the WWE . His name is Shane McMahon whether you believe it or not he is the only one I think can possibly save the company. I starting to realize why Shane left the company it was probably do to the fact daddy’s little girl wanted to take over and Vince let her in time. I think the WWE has adopted the TNA and old WCW moto ” Don’t promote new stars rely in the older ones”. TNA did this with Kurt Angel, RVD, even Hulk Hogan. Turner’s WCW did this with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall just to name a couple. Now WWE is doing the same. Not sure if anyone noticed but WWE and old WCW are sorta similar. The fact of WCW power plant , WWE training center. We all know where WCW is now. Hey Vince get off your royal thrown and listen to you fans/ customers and stop listening to the almighty investors they are ruing your company. Any company that has the dividen/ profit digging investors will always faulter.

  • James Humwood

    And you know the funny thin is he won’t be punished one damn bit and it’s bull any other talent would be cucifed

    • danny4572

      what for speaking and showing the middle finger? people like you are whats wrong with todays wwe… bunch of babies…

  • Dean Ambrose

    What if wwe puts batistas title shot on the line against bryan at elimination chamber. Will everyone be happy or agree that its bogus booking?

  • Harps Starkz

    Bryan should go get a corporate look and earn his shot again the wwe universe is playing into the wwe’s hands imo. Reigns deserevs it more then Bryan.

  • Austin316

    Orton vs Bryan Vs batista at Wrestlemania XXX!! Bryan becomes the new WWE world heavyweight champion!!

  • Cody Cosmos

    Batista got angry because he thought he would get the hero reception, Good thing fans heckled him, and hopefully they continue to do this until they get their voices heard.

  • Batista bomb

    Batista is the best he is going to smash Orton

  • D Rudalph

    I can only imagine how the crowd at the Royal Rumble felt, cause I was extremely disappointed watching it from home. Part of me was glad Batista is back but to hand him a number one contender spot right away was bad for business. Then to leave Daniel Bryan out of the Rumble was extremely bad for business.

    • Don Quan

      If you remember CM Punk did say that hhh and Stephanie were going to run the wwe into the ground and thats what they are doing letting the New age Outlaws come back win 1 match and get a tag team title shot before the Uso. Bring back Batista and he wins the royal rumble and headline Wrestlemania. HHH is bringing back his crew and CM Punk saw it. The reason why Daniel Bryan is what he is because they knew CM Punks contract was up this year and Daniel was plan B just in case Punk dont sign his contract. I agree with CM Punk to leave because he went from WWE champ to second to Daniel Bryan really? The weak link in the Nexus to a wannabe hulk hogan really? Not buying the yes movement sorry wwe I can read between the lines.

      • Dudegrt

        WWE has dug it’s own grave by handing over the decision making process to these two noobs (HHH and Steph). CM Punk was indeed the last hope of WWE. He was the complete package- in ring abilities, mic skills, flexibility to turn into a heel or face, crowd following, he had it all. He had that kind of dynamic personality which was there in Austin and Rock. I think Vince was trying to create another Vince vs Austin rivalry in form of CM Punk vs HHH. But I’m sure stupid HHH would have refused a loss from Punk at Wrestlemania. CM Punk saw it through and left the business in time. Good for you Phil.

  • Wilson Kilo Jackson

    When The Hell Are They Gonna Give DOLPH ZIGGLER His Push?? If They Put Bryan, Ziggler, Punk, Miz Back In The Title Picture Along With Reigns, It Will Take Us Back To The Golden Days Of Wrestling Like The HBK /Bret Hart/ Deisel/ Undertaker/ Psycho Sidd Era…. Stop Trying To Bring The Attitude Era Back, Its Not Gonna Work, That Was Once In A Life Time…. Give The Cena/Orton/Batista/Lesnar Dinosaurs A Time Out For A Bit And Give The Real Talent Their Shine!!!!! So Many Ways To Keep Fans Interested And Their Just Letting The Ideas Go Down The Drain or Coming Up Short Bcuz They Wait Too Long Smh…. THE WRESTLING FANS WANT REAL PERFORMERS, NOT THIS COMIC BOOK BULLSHIT.

    • danny4572

      you lost me as soon as you mentioned “Miz” lmao

      • Wilson Kilo Jackson

        I’m Saying If They Turn Miz Back Into A Heel And Put Him Back In It Would Be More Entertaining…Miz Is Boring Now But When He’s A Heel Atleast Its More Entertaining.

  • GhostSpectre

    Don’t blame Batista. It’s poor booking on the part of the writers and producers. Bad booking is the reason WWE is a mess right now. WWE has been out of touh with its fanbase for years.