Batista Reportedly Shoves & Punches Radio Show Host At WWE Live Event In Winnipeg (Photo)

Power 97 DJ Cam Carson out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was kicked out of Friday night’s WWE live event in Winnipeg for getting into a verbal altercation with Batista. No word yet on if the incident was planned or not. Power 97 was the official local sponsor of the live event so it was likely a planned spot.

Before Batista’s match with Big Show, Carson began yelling at Batista from ringside. This led to Batista shoving the man and punching him. Carson was then escorted out by security. Below is a photo from one of Carson’s co-workers, @radio_shecky, showing the two arguing:

  • Alydmy

    I highly doubt it was planned. I was at ringside during the confrontation and from the way a security guard plowed through two little kids to get to him it makes me doubt it was all just pretend.

    • MWS

      That, and it was a house show. They don’t do much creative work at house shows.

  • Raihan Khan

    well good job batista, great heel haha

    • MWS

      That, and Batista is plainly just an asshole. I met him back in ’05 and he was the most unpleasant person I’ve ever met.