Batista Responds To Negative Reactions, Says He Returned To WWE Because He Wanted To

WWE Superstar Batista re-tweeted positive fan comments after Monday night’s RAW and wrote the following about the negative reaction he’s received since returning to WWE:

  • Joshua Williams

    It’s not Batista that the fans are upset with, it’s the booking. If he had come back and had to face some perseverance to get to the main event of WM, then maybe it would of turned out different. But the guy comes back, and in his first in ring appearance, he wins the Rumble and gets a title shot. They expect us to suspend disbelief, all the while they feed us unbelievable story lines. Batista is just a victim of bad timing and bad booking in my opinion.

  • cj

    He must not know that we know why he came back and even tge details of his contract. He has pretty much a deal like the Rock but he will actually stick around about 2 yrs before he goes on break. He’s got movies to promote and WWE wants the mainstream publicity that may come with that. But I totally agree, he’s just a victim of bad booking just how Rey was set up for failure at the Royal Rumble entering number 30.

  • Jaime Villasana

    Im still a fan of Batista

    • Raihan Khan

      well its bootista