Batista Says He Warned WWE About Babyface Return, Comments On Fans Hijacking Shows

Batista recently spoke with The Washington Post to promote WrestleMania XXX. Below are some highlights:

Returning as a babyface:
“They told me that I was going to come back and be this huge babyface. I said, ‘no, it’s not going to work.’ They said, ‘no way, they’re dying for you to come back.’ I said, ‘that’s going to last two minutes, just watch.’ And sure enough it did.”

Fans hijacking the show:
“They used to want to interact with the show, but now the crowd almost wants to be the show. Well, if you wanna be the show, take your a– to wrestling school, just like I did, just like everybody else here who is busting their a– and actually become part of the show! Don’t just sit in the audience and try to randomly steal the show.”

  • Joshua Williams

    Totally agree with his statement regarding fans hijacking the show. You want to book the matches, then fill out your resume and hand it in to WWE Headquarters and try to get a job doing that.. If you don’t like what they are presenting, then turn the channel. I don’t see anyone hijacking Sons of Anarchy when their favorite character dies.