Batista Talks About Retiring & Who He Wants His Last Match Against, Comments On Sting

Batista recently spoke with the UK’s Daily Mail to promote Guardians of the Galaxy.

Batista confirmed that he will be returning to WWE and expressed interest in facing Sting. He commented on Sting wrestling for WWE:

“I don’t know where Sting would fit in the spectrum of things. I’ve never even met him. I would hope so. I’ve been a fan throughout the years. We’ve speculated a lot, we’ve thought he was going to come to the WWE years ago so just speaking as a fan I’d like to see it.”

He also talked about retiring against Triple H:

“I kind of have my wish list of guys that I would like to work with, because I realise my career is not going to be that long if I do go back just because physically… realistically, I’m 45 years old now, how much longer can I continue…? You do take a beating in professional wrestling. But I love it.”

“It’s not ‘will I go back?’, it’s ‘when will I go back?’. Hopefully it won’t be far too long. Triple H right now is the guy I really want to work with. I want to go back and that’s hopefully that’ll be my retirement program. Yeah, I’ll have my WrestleMania retirement match with Triple H.”

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Was hoping to see a Rock/Batista program, but i wouldn’t mind seeing Big Dave feud with Trips one last time to end his awesome career.

    • Luke

      At first I read that and thought “pfft” but there would be some mileage in Batista vs Rock. Both movie stars, both big dudes… Call it a Hollywood Showdown or whatever. Would probably draw well!

      • Mario Cardone

        I immediately felt everyone will call it the part timers match. I’d like to see that too because its never happened but honestly I think the best match batista can have with anyone right now is HHH