Batista Talks About Returning To WWE, Going From Wrestling To Actin, Playing Drax

Batista recently spoke with to promote an upcoming Comic Con appearance. Here are some highlights:

Playing Drax the Destroyer:
“That’s the thing I love about Drax. I don’t think people were really expecting him to have such an emotional range. Most people were thinking he’s a one-note guy. But he’s more heartbroken than anything. That’s what I love about the character. He goes from rage to heartbroken over his family.”

Going from wrestling to acting:
“I had the same bills but no money coming in. I actually took jobs that would put me next to good actors. I kind of picked up some things from people here and there.”

Finding his groove and getting back in WWE:
“Somewhere along the line I found my groove and it felt good. I only stayed away so long because it took me longer than I thought it would to do the things … I wanted to accomplish. But at the end of the day, I love being a professional wrestler. That live, automatic feedback is what I crave.”

  • Wrestling_fan

    If Boo-tista hadn’t left for his movie promotion, it wouldn’t have been a bad option to put the belt on him with Bryan injured. He was already getting a ton of heat. Imagine the heat he’d have got if he had been the champ. Later on, could have had a babyface (even Bryan) win over him.

    • Mario Cardone

      Batista gets the title, then instead of hhh/batista turning on orton (like what happened back in the day), hhh/orton turn on batista. Then HHH tries getting orton the title. I would say HHH turns on the both and gets the belt himself but I doubt he wants to wrestle that often. THEN bryan gets it back after that.