Becky Lynch Speaks Out About Being Injured By Nia Jax

Becky Lynch recently did an interview with the In The Kliq podcast. Hre are a few highlights:

Injury from Nia Jax: “It’s crazy because looking back, I can see just how jumbled my brain was, but now looking forward, there’s nothing I can do about it so you gotta keep positive,” said Lynch. “So now I’m just looking at where I go from it. How I can take all the momentum that I built and use it to propel myself forward. And where I see myself propelling forward to, the main event at WrestleMania [would be] pretty freakin nice.”

Advice from Shawn Michaels: “‘When you go back there, go back with a little different air about you. Go back knowing that you’re a star, and make sure you hold yourself like that.’ And that’s exactly what I did,” said Becky. “I listened to him, and I went back there and I was gonna take over the world, and that was my whole goal. And I think I’m doing well.”