The Bella Twins Talk On WWE Return, Roman Reigns Reacts, Santino’s Injury Update

– The Bella Twins commented on their WWE return on Monday’s Raw, writing on Twitter, “We’re baaaaaacccckkkkkkk!! ???????? #RAW #BellasAreBack #BellaTwins”

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The twins also posted this Tout hyping their return, and stated that they may appear on SmackDown:

– Roman Reigns commented on the attack to The Big Show Monday night, writing on Twitter, “That’s how you send a GIANT message!! #Raw #BelieveInTheShield #FinishTheFight”

– Santino Marella commented on his return to WWE, writing on Twitter, “BTW next Monday I’m cleared to wrestle again, fingers crossed, but so much stuff going on with #WrestleMania29 so we’ll see”

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