Bellas Comment On WWE Release, Major Zack Ryder Announcement

– The Bella Twins commented on their WWE departure after Raw, posting the following on Twitter, “Bella’s have left the building… Happy ending at the Nutter center??? Well at least we finished it off! #ByeByeBellas.”

– Zack Ryder posted on Twitter that there will be a major announcement on this week’s episode of Z! True Long Island Story. Tweeting, “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT THIS WEEK ON Z! TLIS.”

– Kelly Kelly went onto Twitter to tweet on the Bellas departure from WWE, posting, “I’m gonna miss my besties @thebellatwins We’ve had an amazing 5 years together and I love you like my sisters …Thank u for everything!”

– Kofi Kingston commented on winning the WWE Tag Team Championship belts on Raw, posting the following on Twitter, “Well hot damn! What do we have here?! @RonKillings and @TrueKofi New Tag Team Champions!!! Yezzir!!” Zack Ryder also congratulated the team posting, “Congrats to @TrueKofi & @RonKillings.”