Big Change To WWE’s Creative, WWE Cracking Down On Twitter

— Entertainment publication is reporting that WWE has hired former Warner Bros. executive Eric Pankowski to the position of Senior VP of Creative and Development. Pankowski a major name in the industry and is a big “get” for WWE. He will oversee TV creative development, will focus on WWE’s existing television shows and will also be working on developing new reality and kids programming.

Pankowski will also manage WWE’s creative team under the supervision of Stephanie McMahon and will also oversee the sale and distribution of WWE’s product to networks, studios, and distributors.

— WWE is asking fans to alert them to impostor accounts on Twitter. Fans are beinbg asked to alert them regarding fake accounts by tweeting them (@WWE) with the hashtag #WWEImpostor.

In recent weeks, several top WWE superstars such as The Undertaker, Triple H, Sheamus and Cody Rhodes have all been heavily featured on WWE programming but none have a Twitter account. This has prompted some fans to create fake accounts and receive thousands of followers while impersonating top WWE stars .

Twitter allows for “parody” accounts, but you cannot pretend to actually be somebody else.