Big Show Talks The Rock Missing Raw, Fandango, John Cena’s Title Run & WWE Midcard Stars

Here are highlights from the Big Show’s interview with CBS Boston’s “Toucher & Rich” show while doing media promoting this week’s WWE SmackDown taping.

On The Rock: “I have no idea what his schedule is. I know last night at the Izod Center, we had an incredible show. As far as what happened with Rock – and why he was not at Raw – I have idea. Dwayne did not tell me what his issues were. I just know that someone like Dwayne – who as busy as he is and is a worldwide, international star and very successful – who knows what his schedule is and what the confliction was. I just think that he did a great job of coming back, giving us a nice shot in the arm going into WrestleMania, and also doing the right thing.”

PHOTO Of The Rock In Green Dressed Up As The Hulk

On John Cena: “We have a new WWE champion John Cena, which works out well for our company because he’s the flagship of our company,” Show said. “Whether you agree with anything about him, I think he is a stand-up individual. And, I don’t think there’s anyone in our company who works harder than John. Or, does a better job at it. There’s not a hole in John Cena’s game at all. You can’t rattle John Cena, you can’t frustrate John Cena, you can’t over-work him, and very few people in the gym can out-lift him. I’ve seen this kid take monumental amounts of pressure and stuff that will fold most people, probably even fold myself if I had that pressure, to be extremely honest about it. I’m really glad for our company – stepping outside of my character – that we have someone like John as champion again. It’s good for business. You want a champion to be a champion. And I think he is one.”

On Fandango: “You know what, when he first came out, my first thought – being a bitter, old veteran – was, ‘He’s just like a watered-down Val Venis,’ But then actually getting to know the kid and seeing his work ethic and what he’s doing with the character, he’s become entertaining. It’s pretty cool. I hope he does well, I really do.”

On The WWE Midcard: “I think a lot of that comes with giving talent opportunities. You have to look at the vacuum – the void – that we have right now in our industry. 15, 20 years ago, everyone in the ring was an experienced journeyman. Now, through time, we’re at a point where we have a lot of young guys. Does that mean they’re less talented? Absolutely not. They’re just less experienced than the older guys. I think what you will find in time with some of the great talent that we have coming up between the Wade Barretts, Heath Slaters, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, look at Dolph Ziggler last night – I was very happy for Dolph getting recognition for his hard work. There’s a lot of young talent coming up, and a lot of young talent in NXT who people haven’t even heard of. I think now you’re starting to see a lot of guys really step up to the plate and come into their own. That’s just time. We’ve got enough TV, enough live events worldwide; you’re going to see guys start to step up.”