Big Victory For Zeb Colter & His Family, Which TV Networks Has WWE Negotiated With?

– You may remember back in August 2012 when 16 year old Amelia Keown, granddaughter to Wayne “Zeb Colter” Keown, was killed while driving home from school after being hit head on by a parolee who was trying to outrun the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The parolee, who also died, was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

On Friday, a bill named Amelia’s Law, one that would allow Tennessee judges to order drug and alcohol offenders to wear transdermal devices that would detect whether they have used, was passed by both the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives. The next step is for Governor Haslam to sign it into law. The law was introduced by Keown, who speaks in the news video below.

– While WWE Chief Financial Officer George Barrios wouldn’t tell Bloomberg exactly which networks WWE has negotiated with for their TV distribution, Bloomberg reports that they have spoken to AMC Networks, Viacom which owns Spike TV, Time Warner’s Turner Networks and 21st Century Fox. A renewal with NBCUniversal is also possible.

  • James Humwood

    great story and a law that I agree with. I admit at first I thought it was gonna be something about borderhoppers or something lol

  • James Humwood

    previously on amc’s raw…..