Bill Goldberg Knocks Ryback, Preview For WWE’s “Top 100 Moments In RAW History” DVD

– Bill Goldberg continues to re-tweet comments from fans about Ryback. One fan wrote the following comment to which Goldberg re-tweeted and added an “AMEN!” The fan wrote:

“”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…” At this point, Ryback is just insulting. #FearTheSpear”

– Here is the cover photo and synopsis for the “Top 100 Moments in RAW History” DVD and Blu-ray set that comes out on December 11th. You can pre-order your copy via at this link:

“Since its debut on January 11 1993 Monday Night Raw has delivered an endless supply of thrills suspense action controversy and excitement for the WWE Universe to enjoy each and every week. On the heels of celebrating the monumental 1000th episode of the longest running weekly episodic program on television WWE counts down the top 100 moments in Raw history. From the early years through the Attitude Era and today relive all the top moments that have kept the WWE Universe glued to their sets for nearly 20 years. From the destructive DX to Stone Cold’s hell-raising antics epic title celebrations shocking twists and poignant memories of all your favorite Superstars it’s all collected here. Plus own the complete 3-hour Raw 1000th episode that celebrated history and launched a new era in WWE- featuring exclusive never-before-seen backstage footage of current Superstars and returning Legends who appeared in the show.”

  • Kyle

    Screw Goldberg, he was one of the worst things to happen in wrestling. He had a huge hand in Bret Hart’s retirement, and hurt countless others. He’s just jealous that Ryback has more skill, and frankly a better look. Jealousy is a stinky cologne


      Wow your clearly an idiot… And how can you even make the comparison plus more skillful? Wow its fake so how and what makes him more skillful?… You can make a comparison of strength which would go to Goldberg since rhyback can’t left that tinsu guy whatever his name is and Goldberg picked up big show and held him straight up for a few seconds …

    • Fear the Spear

      You are a Dumb Asshole! Go gain yourself knowledge first, before you speak about Goldberg. Ryback very well knows to copy. I bet even today Ryback can’t get his ass into the ring with Goldberg. Goldberg is an athelete, hope you well understand the word “Athelete”. Ryback takes in only steroids, whereas Goldberg swallows his opponents.

  • Wrestling God

    I dont see the resemblance myself

    • John smith

      you are just jealous that Goldberg was a better wrestler than Bret

  • Scott Campbell

    bret hart was a pud always hated him. Goldberg put him out of his misery. Ryback is a third rate wrestler just like punk. The only reason Ryback is Ryback is because there is no Goldberg ,Lesnar, or Batista thats why Ryback exists. Ryback isnt even in the same leagure as them guys. Hes weak cant pick up some of the smallest guys . hes wrestled no one. Goldberg would distory Ryback.