Bill Goldberg Talks Potential WWE Return & Ryback, John Cena & Others Grant Wishes On Tour

– Bill Goldberg appeared on WQAM radio in Miami this weekend and said he’s open to returning to the ring. Goldberg is now 46 years old but said he keeps himself in shape. He said he’s more open to returning now because his son watches his matches on YouTube. He mentioned wanting to come back as a heel and thinks Ryback is a total rip-off of him, but has no ill feelings towards him.

– WWE Champion John Cena granted a handful of Make-A-Wish wishes while on tour in Australia this past week. Cena has now granted over 350 wishes. The Circle of Champions Honorees also got to meet Aksana and Antonio Cesaro:

  • James Adams

    Dont do it Bill .. stay away from the ring you had your time .. let the younger ones have theirs .. your a stand up guy … you did everything there was to do .. you dont have to come back and prove anything ..

  • Total Wafflez

    Please come back! That would be so epic.. Even if he did come back as a heel people would still cheer for him.. Goldberg is an awesome person and wrestler..

  • sami


  • Captain N

    Better if he comes back and goes to TNA…they can use the pop to increase ratings plus he can get a fresh start there..hes already done WWE and hated it…why go back?