Bill Goldberg Teases The Return Of The Spear & Comments On His Future With WWE

Former WWE & WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg teased a return to the ring on Twitter on Wednesday.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked whether there’s a chance we’ll see Goldberg as a surprise entrant in Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. JR said, “Highly unlikely” and Goldberg replied, “How about NO” and “Not a chance in hell.”

A fan told Goldberg, “Such a shame… The Spear needs to been seen once again!!” He replied, “It’s coming.” Another fan said it’s not cool for Goldberg to tease a return to the ring if he doesn’t mean it, to which Goldberg replied, “I mean it….”

Goldberg said “I think it’s common knowledge about my feelings towards the WWE……” When another fan asked Goldberg, “I’m guessing this means you will never be in the WWE again?,” he said, “Great guess…”

  • Mark Baylin Bassett

    So… he’s going to spear Brooke Hogan and shes going to drop the Bully Ray baby.. (future)

  • Captain N

    He would be far better off going to TNA where he would be appreciated more and could do more to help build them up. He could start his streak over with all new talent, and his return hype would help them get ratings. Plus wasnt he with Eric Bischoff last year flying over NYC in a helicopter. I am sure TNA was mentioned while they were chilling !