Blood On The Canvas: Stand Up For WWE? Um, no.

If Vince McMahon was ever in damage-control mode, this whole Stand Up For WWE idea is it. I think the video on Raw this week was very well done from a technical standpoint and obviously the WWE does great things for children, charity groups and the troops, but let’s not pretend this isn’t an exercise in image control as it pertains to Linda’s campaign. Yes, some forms of mainstream media take cheap shots at WWE and wrestling in general, but most of this political coverage has focused on negative parts of the company’s past. Vince and Linda may not like it, but a lot of these reports are based on real history.

Now there are reports that this initiative and Linda’s campaign are in no way connected.  Wow, you guys smell that?  Smells like the biggest load of bullshit since Hogan said he never used steroids on Arsenio Hall.  I suppose this out-of-nowhere “Fan Appreciation Day” in Hartford, CT on October 30 is just WWE’s way of saying thanks?  Wait, wait for it.  Yup, reports are saying that, as well.  C’mon, Mr. and Mrs. McMahon, at least TRY and be honest with the voting public and wrestling audience.  Don’t try and insult people’s intelligence and then expect them to vote for you in droves and send in videos proclaiming their love of WWE.

I’d actually challenge Vince and the WWE to shed light on these “disparaging remarks” that Michael Cole mentioned in pure McMahon puppet form. Put the issues out in the open and discuss them, instead of sweeping them under the rug and washing over everything with a wholesome, family-friendly image. But no, Vince won’t do that. Instead, he expects legions of people to blindly follow his lead like a bunch of sheep and “stand up” for his company. And boatloads of people will do it, just because they watch a few hours of wrestling each week and own a few t-shirts.

In truth, there virtually are no disparaging remarks.  Some of what the media is saying has a more-negative spin on it than it should, but that’s pretty much journalism 101 – controversy sells more than stories about granting wishes to sick kids or putting on shows for the troops overseas.  The McMahons may not be happy, but a lot of these issues warrant the criticism that both the WWE and Linda’s campaign are receiving.  I haven’t read any report that I’d say was actually malicious.

Why is it our job to stand up for this company? Has the all-knowing, all-powerful Vince McMahon, who can spin history to suit his every mood and whim lost his grapefruits? I say do your own damage control, Vinnie Mac. You want your wife in political office so bad, then why not throw these “disparaging remarks” back at the media and attack the issues head-on?

Vince McMahon is a guy who’s so good at playing the victim.  He cried foul when Ted Turner and WCW were going to drive the WWF “out of business” in the 90’s, despite the fact that he used a lot of the same tactics in plundering regional promotions of their biggest talent a decade prior.  And now he’s whining about the media shedding light on his own company’s bad past?

I’m a huge WWE fan and always will be, but I won’t be led around like some farm animal and made to spout off sugar-coated praise on a company that tries to wash over its very checkered past.