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Blowin’ Smoke with Kemper Jones


Cena, Your Argument is Weak

John Cena has a Wrestlemania resume to be extremely proud of. Eight years ago, John Cena won the United States championship at Wrestlemania XX. It was at that same event that The Rock had his final match (until this past Survivor Series). Cena was two years into his WWE run. Only a year later, he captured the WWE Championship from JBL at Wrestlemania 21.

Since then, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, The Big Show, and Batista have fallen in championship contests to him on the grand stage. He did suffer losses Orton and Miz, but one was in a triple threat match and the other was marred by interference (and let’s face it, WM 27 was more about Rock/Cena than Cena/Miz, anyway).

When you create a Superman, you run out of guys to feed to him. Seeing Cena face off against Alberto Del Rio, Christian, David Otunga, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett (well not now), etc. would not present a Wrestlemania-sized scenario. With the exception of CM Punk and The Undertaker, there is no one on the WWE roster that can be considered a legitimate threat to WWE’s poster boy. Punk and Cena’s feud ran its course this past summer. It could be revisited someday, but not so soon. Taker/Cena may happen at Mania someday, but they’re both already booked. If Taker makes it through HHH, Cena may be his 21st and final victim.

This is why Cena needs The Rock and why I feel that he needs some new rhetoric going into this match. By the time Rock left WWE, he was a nine time world champion. He stepped back when he had done all that could theoretically be done. Personally, I never felt that he abandoned WWE. He moved on to bigger things. I see nothing wrong with reaching your goals and seeking new challenges.

I shudder to imagine what the past seven years would have been like, had The Rock been a WWE mainstay. The internet would have been flooded with people complaining that he needs to go. They’d have grown tired of his repetitive schtick. Younger Superstars (maybe even Cena) may have been held back while Rock kept his top spot. Cena/Rock could have happened 20+ times by now. No one would care about their upcoming confrontation. His exit let him keep an untarnished legacy in the business that could be revisited on occasion and eventually be called upon for a huge payoff.

Wrestlemania 28 is that payoff. People care because the match is HUGE and something they’ve wanted to see. With over a year of build-up and hype, it has created a dream match situation that we haven’t seen since Hogan/Rock.

It’s time for WWE to start thinking about Cena’s future. What will he have to do after Wrestlemania 28? Depending on the outcome, we could see a rematch. However, I’m getting a little tired of WWE’s recent penchant for Mania rematches. Let it happen at Summerslam if it has to. I’d rather not see it at Mania 29.

Cena is also only 5 years younger than The Rock. People have been long burnt out on him, due to WWE creative’s inability to evolve his character. Instead of giving Rock a hard time for walking away, maybe he should start considering taking some time off himself. Let some other performers have an opportunity and come back when you can do something different, instead of carrying on with the same old, same old.

Hope you enjoyed the read. I’m open to any feedback, so take minute to send me your thoughts…

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