Bobby Crabtree Knocks Out Prince Al Farat in Unsanctioned Match correspondent Shannon Rose sent this in:


Bobby Crabtree Knocks Out Prince Al Farat in Unsanctioned Match

“This past Saturday in Fort Smith, AR, an incident involving former pro boxer Bobby Crabtree and TCW’s Prince Al Farat occurred during one of the feature matches of our ‘Summer Inferno’ event,” said Brian Thompson, senior member of TCW’s ownership team. “Mr. Crabtree was allowed to enter the ring and eventually knocked out Mr. Farat. This event was not a part of our plans for the evening. Mr. Crabtree was an invited guest and was unauthorized to enter the ring. Our security staff members who allowed this incident to take place are being dealt with accordingly. Local police reacted to the incident in its aftermath and realizing it was not part of the evening’s plans helped our security team escort Mr. Crabtree from the building.

“This certainly puts TCW in a unique position,” Thompson added. “With our security team allowing Mr. Crabtree to enter our ring, this prevents any legitimate legal recourse. And our fans have now seen an incident that may not have a resolution. With this in mind, we have reached an agreement with Mr. Crabtree to participate as a wrestler in a tag team match opposite of Mr. Farat at our next event on July 14 in Fort Smith. This is an example, in my personal opinion; of an athlete who is a non-wrestler, in this case a former pro boxer, thinking his sport is more physical than ours and that anyone can be a wrestler. Fact and fiction may be blurred, but let me assure you that Mr. Farat has been informed to do whatever it takes to protect the credibility of this business when he is in this tag team match opposite of Mr. Crabtree. So let’s see what happens and how the lines of fact and fiction will be blurred on July 14 at the Fort Smith Convention Center. I encourage fans to judge for themselves.”

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