Bobby Lashley On Recent Heel Turn, WWE Departure & Return

Bobby Lashley spoke with SportBible for a new interview discussing various topics. Here are the highlights.

His 2008 WWE departure:

“I never wanted to leave. At the time I needed to step away for a bit, but in that time I fought in Bellator and Strikeforce, in other promotions, I wanted to build myself up and make my character stronger for when I came back, I’m in a good place right now.”

His return and match with Roman Reigns:

“The first day back was one of my favorites and I’m still building but my matches with Roman is one of them, I’m not even saying just beating him I mean being in the ring with him he’s really really good.”

His heel turn:

“The turn should’ve come when I first came back; however, I couldn’t come out as a heel when I first started because the crowd waited for me to come back and wanted me back. Now is the perfect time though, I mean we have so many top babyfaces right now guys who are established so instead of forcing them into a different role, me being there is a little bit better.”