Bobby Lashley Talks Playing A Heel, His Love For Wrestling, More

Bobby Lashley recently made an appearance on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Growing up and moving around as a shy kid:

“I’m a shy person. I kind of keep to myself a little bit. I’m kind of quiet. So when I came back, we were always having to adjust to a new school. I came back, I think it was the 5th grade. We went from Germany where we had some German kids and we had the people in our own little community and then we flew over to the United States and boom, you’re going to meet a whole new crop of kids. Being kind of a shyer kid, I kind of withdrew a little bit, I was the little nerd that wanted to wear ties to school. So that was me, I was just quiet most of the time.”

Being a heel:

“When they say ‘heel’, I say, ‘What’s the definition of a heel?’ and that was how my character kind of came about. Because I’m not necessarily a heel, it’s that I’ve been in the wrestling business for a long time and I’m not one of those guys that go online and feed stuff to The Dirt Sheet to get myself over or try to bury the boys or anything like that, I’ve never been. I’m one of those guys that’s there and when I’m not there, I’m at home with my kids. I’ve never had anything negative to say about anyone at any point in time. When I went over to that heel stance, all I did with the heel thing was like, ‘You know what, I’ve always been held down in this business because I’ve always tried to be the good guy, the nice guy. No more nice guy. I’m only trying to win titles. I have kids to feed and I have bills to pay. We all know that the person that’s on top gets the most money, gets taken care of the best, and all those different things, so with that being said, I’m doing whatever I have to do to win titles.’ And that’s how my heel thing went.”

Why he loves wrestling:

“I have a fanbase and I have a large fanbase and there’s a lot of people that like me, and there’s a lot of people that support me, and there’s a lot of people that can relate to me. I can’t even begin to entertain another wrestler’s perception of me if they don’t understand what my fans look for in me. I’m different, I’m different. That’s why I love wrestling because there’s so many different people. I love everybody from Hornswoggle, to the Great Khali, to Seth Rollins, to The Bludgeon Brothers. I love everything about wrestling because of that. You’re going to relate to someone and that’s what wrestling is about. It’s not about saying, ‘I’m better than you or you’re better than me’, because that’s the arrogant, ignorant attitude. Everybody has a voice, everybody has the person that they like and that’s what wrestling is all about.”