Bobby Roode Talks About TNA, Social Networking Hatred & More

TNA World Champion Bobby Roode spoke with The Baltimore Sun about his reign as champion, his hatred of social networking and more. Here are highlights of the interview.

On the responsibility of being champion: “There’s a lot of other responsibilities you know, other than going out and performing every night on television or pay-per-view. It’s the travel. I mean, literally, I’ve been doing media appearances off and on for the last seven months, travelling overseas, promoting our upcoming tour in January. I got an opportunity to go to L.A. and do red carpet stuff for Spike TV and MTV, so a lot of cool things and a lot of different things, but there’s a lot of responsibilities. But I knew getting into it that was going to be asked of me. Kurt Angle was that guy for a couple of years when he first got to the company and had to do all this stuff. He pulled me to the side and told me what to expect. He wasn’t far off. It’s been a busy time, but it’s been a lot of fun and a great learning experience as well.”

On why he hates social networking: “I’m going to be honest with you — I hate social networking. The only reason why I’m on Twitter is because Dixie Carter made me. I’ll go on Twitter every now and again and just say some things. Normally it’s just to hype wrestling and to hype what’s coming on TV and whatnot. But, I don’t do Facebook, never have, never will. So if there’s any Bobby Roode Facebook people out there, that’s not me. But yeah, social media … I’m not a big fan of the internet or social media.”

He also discusses his start in TNA, getting rid of “the stench” of Team Canada, the improvement in product quality, going live on Thursdays, who he wants to work with and Destination X.