Booker T Offers Advice To Younger Talent, Rock On Live With Kelly

– The Miami Herald has a new interview up with Booker T. He offers advice to some of the younger talents:

“Of course, we’re friends, but this is a business, and you’ve got to go out there and treat it like a business. You’ve got to think about being better than the next guy. These young guys really got to focus, if they want to work at the top of the card, if they want to be in that main event, if they want to carry the World title, if they want to be the WWE champion. They’ve got to really put their thinking cap on and really focus on what it’s going to take for them to get in that position. It’s a test each and every day.”

– The Rock will be promoting WrestleMania 28 on Live with Kelly next Friday, March 23rd.