Booker T Says Racism Has Never Been A Problem In His Wrestling Career recently spoke with Booker T for Black History Month. He talked about racism never being a problem to him:

“Throughout my whole time in wrestling on the road, going out and being around some of the whitest people in the world I’ve never had any problems with anybody. It was never black or white. Booker T was just a wrestler. I did that by design.”

“When people see me come out of that curtain, it’s never been a black guy. It’s just been Booker T and I’ve always tried to make it that way.”

  • Todd Farabee

    @bookerT Nigga please!

  • Bryan Thomas

    Lol it was for Ahmed Johnson. Racism doesn’t bother me. It’s just dumb. It’s just something for people who’s still stuck in the box. My children are half french.

  • Muchacho

    So the only time Booker participated in any sort of racism was him calling Hogan a “niggah!”