Booker T Talks About What He Misses From Wrestling, Making A Comeback & More

Booker T spoke with New Strait Times about if he would ever want to make a wrestling comeback.

“I wouldn’t call it a comeback (laughs). I’m semi-retired and to work around these schedules that the younger wrestlers and the divas (applies to the female talent, whether as wrestlers, managers or ring announcers) is rough. It’s a young man’s sport. I don’t want to be one of those wrestlers who still holds on to the past, hearing all the roars from the crowd.

Royal Rumble (a match based on the classic Battle Royal match, where wrestlers eliminate competitors by tossing them over the ring’s rope) is cool, I can do it once a year but to do it every day or week is tough. It’s time for me to step aside.”

Booker T also revealed what he misses the most now that he’s semi-retired.

“I don’t miss wrestling, but I miss performing. You know, going out and amazing everybody and feeling that adrenaline rush. I performed in front of soldiers in Iraq in 2003 and the temperature was 40°C.

And when you strap on your gear and with the adrenaline pumping, it feel more like 80°C. I’ll miss that. If it’s not for the exhausting travels, I could do wrestling for another 10 more years (laughs).”

Booker T also discusses being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, toughest opponent and more. You can check out the full interview at this link.