Booker T Works As Referee, Brad Maddox Wrestles, Bo Dallas & Sami Zayn Compete

– Booker T worked as special referee in the main event of tonight’s WWE live event in Abu Dhabi, the first of the tour. The match saw Daniel Bryan defeat Randy Orton cleanly.

– Brad Maddox wrestled at tonight’s WWE live event in Abu Dhabi. He lost to Justin Gabriel.

– WWE NXT Champion Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn competed in a triple threat against WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose at the live event in Abu Dhabi. Ambrose won the match with his title on the line.

  • Larry Brown

    I dont watch nearly as much as I used to is the roster really running that thin, that they feel the need to have maddox wrestle and booker ref?

    • saulewright

      nah, live events happen all over the place and there doesn’t really seem to be a rhyme or reason to who they book for those.

      • Larry Brown

        Yeah i know how screwy live events can be, i was just curious. I remember being at a live event that may have had 5,000 people at it a few years ago and seeing some rather interesting stuff.