Brad Maddox Working Fans On Social Media, Tyler Breeze Talks WWE NXT Title, WWE Stock

– There is a lot of concern among fans online for Brad Maddox after his “cave” video on YouTube earlier this week. Fans continue to e-mail in updates and ask if anything is being done to help Maddox. Maddox hasn’t tweeted or posted a new video since posting the cave video asking for help. Maddox is just ribbing fans. It should be noted that if Maddox had the service to upload a video to YouTube, he would have the service to call for help.

WWE’s website recently spoke with #1 contender Tyler Breeze and asked when he will challenge NXT Champion Adrian Neville for the title. Breeze said:

“When I decide the time is right, the NXT Universe will marvel at the site of its most gorgeous Champion in history, especially the envious uggos. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a milkweed oil facial to partake in.”

– WWE stock was down 1.28% today, closing at $11.56 per share. Today’s high was $11.78 and the low was $11.50.