Bray Wyatt Apologizes To Nikki Bella Before Calling Her Plastic On WWE Raw, Nikki’s Implants

In the audio below, Nikki Bella appears on the Road to WrestleMania XXX podcast. Nikki mentions that Bray Wyatt apologized backstage before he went out and called her plastic on last week’s RAW in his promo at John Cena. Nikki added that everyone popped big for the comment backstage. She also noted she spent $6,500 for her implants.

  • Andrew Jobling

    I thought it was a really cool promo, I don’t think Bray would have made the comment had he not ok’d it with Nikki and/or Cena, plus I popped big time for it too, was a bit like “I can’t believe he just said that” moment.

    • Jake

      He wouldn’t it got said before that Bray Wyatt actually writes all of his promos himself and gives them to WWE to look at to see if they approve of them before he goes and delivers them.

  • Some_Random_Guy

    Damn, that’s $3250 a tit lol…

  • No Escaping Gravity

    $6500 to look worse. Implants are disgusting!

  • Bryan Thomas

    Bray wyatt apologizes? Lmao.

  • Graemerz

    Why is this stupid attention hogging slag allowed to break kayfabe?

    • theripperdannyb

      For just that reason, it turns the attention on her. You know i keep saying how I hope to God that Brie and Nikki arent how they act in public, because if they are it brings my respect down for Cena and Bryan!

      • Kala Lina

        Well if you watch total diva’s in a way it does show how they really are Brie the nice 1 & nikki the bitch.

        • Kala Lina

          yes I know it to is scripted but there must be some of them coming out in it.

  • Kenzz Fedguy 315dude FixitMike

    Yeah, he apologized to some skank about her fake tits. What a heel! What a Max Cady-like psychopath! Wow, I really want to spend my money in this economy to watch this badass chinlock guys!

    Seriously, yes we know it’s scripted and it’s “Entertainment”, and Bray Wyatt is really IRS’ son etc ….but WWE must fucking learn the difference between us knowing it’s a work, and constantly reminding us it’s a work. For it to mean anything, the performers/superstars./entertainers/divas/whatever have to ACT like it’s a shoot, and these sort of comments are basically WWE saying “Why are you wasting your money and time watching our fake shit? It’s not real, you morons!”

  • Latoya

    Seems like his promo did the job on all fronts.