Bray Wyatt Update, Mae Young Reportedly Hospitalized, Ex-WWE Announcer Lands Movie

– Bray Wyatt tweeted the following after Bryan joined him on Monday night’s RAW:

– WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young was reportedly hospitalized in the past week and has since been moved to a hospice. She was scheduled for the RAW Old School special but won’t be appearing now.

– TMZ reports that former WWE announcer Matt Striker will play a Romulan Commander in an upcoming Star Trek TV movie titled, “Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time.”

  • No Escaping Gravity

    It’s entirely possible that Bryan joining the Family will result in a babyface turn for the Wyatt’s… all they have to do is go after The Authority — ie The Machine. And the fans will still get to chant for Bryan. Everybody wins.