Bret Hart Clarifies His 4/10 Triple H-Brock Lesnar Rating, Lesnar Tops ESPN WWE Power Rankings

Bret Hart

– Brock Lesnar took the top spot on this week’s ESPN WWE Power Rankings followed by The Shield, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena. ESPN’s article also contained a few quotes from Cody Rhodes, who discussed his career before WrestleMania 29 earlier this month.

“Gosh, this has been a horrible run,” Rhodes admitted. “I feel like after Money in the Bank in Phoenix, I almost took a nose dive, career-wise. I couldn’t get the reigns on it, but I feel like I finally got the reigns on my career again, and that happens in entertainment.”

– Bret Hart clarified some earlier comments he made during a recent interview with Arda Ocal. Bret noted that when he talked about the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania being a 4 out of 10, he was actually referring to a sign in the crowd on Raw.

  • mafiascene

    they should dump lesnar, he’s only bullying people and have no talent what so ever

    • Clay Merritt

      You’ve obviously never seen Lesnar 2003. By the way, Lesnar “bullying” people is his character. Idiot. You know wrestling is fake?

      • mafiascene

        the only idiot here it you, if you promote bullying in any form your simpply a criminal, and i hate people that talk from bothe side of the mouth witch his WWE they promote be a star and they promote that idiot witch is very upsetting for kids so is the idiots here? and if you would had seen him in MMA you would had seen that he had no talent he had to leave the only place he can earn a little money is wwe