Bret Hart Puts Over Randy Orton, Joey Styles Rants About NXT

— Joey Styles vented about NXT on Twitter on Tuesday night, posting the following:

“Tyson Kidd lost to Trent Barreta tonight on NXT when he was distracted by a Japanese symbol on the Tron. Being that this is week 25 of would should have been a 13 week season, the Japanese symbol probably meant “apathy”. #howmuchmoreheatcaniget

Next week, Season 5 of NXT reaches week 26,twice as long as every other season. Can we just give Titus and Darren WWE contracts and move on?

While we’re at it, let’s find Percy Watson who should have been on this season instead of Darren Young and sign him and Derrick Bateman too! As a bonus, we have Maxine who would look phenomenal on any WWE or any TV show and Naomi who looks great inside and outside the ring.

Derrick Bateman’s distraction allowed Maxine to defeat A.J. Afterward, Titus O’Neil tried to restore order, threatening Bateman. No, really. That was the main event. Next week is week #26 of NXT Season 5. Is it bad manners to request a wine list a week in advance?”

— The WWE website currently features an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who attended Tuesday’s SmackDown taping from his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hart put over World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton in a big way, saying the following about him:

“Randy Orton is another one of my favorites. Randy doesn’t necessarily get credit for being a great technician, but he is. People always use that term for me, ‘The Excellence of Execution’ — and that’s what Randy is. I expect that he’s going to get better and better and better.