Bret Hart Shoots On Triple H; Says He’s Overrated & Calls Match With Undertaker ‘Mediocre’

Bret Hart

Bret Hart spoke with Wrestle Talk TV Extra. Here are some of the things he had to say about Triple H.

“I have a certain amount of respect for Triple H. I remember when he first came in, I remember commenting on stuff that he did. Because I’d usually give wrestlers my thoughts and try to help them on stuff… Triple H has always been a good wrestler. But great? What is he now, a 1,000 time world champion? How great really is he?

“I look at [CM] Punk… I can look at certain wrestlers and I go, this guy is an innovator. Like a Rey Mysterio, who’s done stuff that no one has ever thought of before. Punk has done stuff — really unique moves and you go, ‘gee I’ve never seen anything like that before.’ They innovate all the time, and they create new sequences and moves and things.

“Then you look at someone like Triple H. When I look at him — he’s always had a good look as far as his body went — he always had a pretty muscular physique. But you look at someone like Hunter and you wonder, what has he really done. One move that he ever created that nobody ever saw before or some highspots or an idea for a match… He’s mostly a guy that just showed up and they made him. He’s always been a decent wrestler — I would consider him a good wrestler and pretty talented. But great? I don’t know, I don’t think so.

“What has he ever done that’s great? He’s never had a great match, I don’t think ever. Whenever I look at Triple H’s matches, including the last one he had with Undertaker — and I don’t really mean it as a knock — but I told myself before I watched it because I’m trying to like Paul now these days, that I want to see him do something to make me think he’s got greatness in him.

“Before Triple H wrestled Undertaker last year, I remember watching it and going, ‘I can picture the whole match in my head, I can tell you exactly what this match is going to be like and how it’s going to go. And I remember watching it and it went exactly how I predicted it… I thought it was mediocre at best, maybe a 4 out of 10, or 3 out of 10.

“I think Paul is a little overrated… overrated for being great. I can sit here and tell you that there was one match that he ever had with anybody that I thought was great. It’s kind of a shame, he should have a great match somewhere with somebody. And you’d think that he would have had it by now, but I don’t think he’s a great wrestler.”

  • JRR

    I think this is more benign than people want to make it. He’s saying Trips isn’t a GREAT wrestler, it all comes down to his definition of GREAT. If you define greatness as a wrestler by being innovative and creating new moves and not being predictable, I guess I wouldn’t classify Trips as a GREAT wrestler either. I disagree with Bret’s assessment of the most recent HHH/Undertaker match – I consider that match great for both its in-ring and its storytelling (both figurative and literal). Under my personal definition of “greatness” for a professional wrestler, I do define Trips as great, but that’s a very subjective thing.

    • tobimobi

      Exactly. The things I enjoy about HHH is the hole package. His precense his theme music his high knee the way when he went to the ring you’d think. Glad its not me facing that guy. And triple h is not my favorite wrestler at all. But I would choose him over hitman on a list of all time greats. But as jrr wrote its a subjective thing.

  • Luke

    How about the Hell in a Cell match against Mick Foley/Cactus Jack at No Way Out in 1998? Tell me that wasn’t an epic match-up? Or the last man standing match against Jericho at Fully Loaded in 2000? Triple H is a great entertainer and a real workhorse to boot.

    • Brett B

      And 2002 vs the returning Shawn Micheals…

  • Brett B

    Bret Hart was never great. He is HIGHLY over-rated. Triple H was as well but he could at least tell a good story during his matches via facial expressions and the way he held himself. Bret was a very stiff wrestler. Almost zero charisma but, a work horse none the less much like Triple H. When reading this I could have easily put his name in place of Trips. Thats my opinion.

  • NeGATiV

    Jealous much Bret? because your much against Vince was epic wasn’t it….really your just describing yourself because you truly are the most overrated wrestler of all time