Bret Hart Talks About Being Honored, JBL’s Crack Smoker Joke On Raw Gets Media Attention

Bret Hart

– Bret Hart discussed being honored at Monday’s Raw with the Calgary Herald:

“It’s a big honor,” Hart admitted. “I’ve always felt special in this town as I have felt about Calgary, too. I’ve always loved it here. I never left. People always think I left and I was living in the States for a long time … But home has always been Calgary.” Their article also contains quotes from Jim Ross, you can read at this link.

– The Toronto Sun published an article on JBL joking during commentary this past Monday night about partying with Toronto mayor Rob Ford. When Jerry Lawler said that he didn’t, JBL replied, “actually, no I didn’t. I’d be indicted by now.”

Ford has been under fire for the past couple of weeks after he was allegedly seen in an unreleased cellphone video smoking crack. While some media outlets have claimed to have seen the video, Ford has said that it doesn’t exist.