Bret Hart Talks On Return To Raw, Goldust Comments On Prime Time Players, Raw Footage

Bret Hart

– cameras caught up with Bret Hart after Monday night’s RAW in Montreal. Bret said that returning to Montreal was a very uplifting happy moment for him and regarding CM Punk, he wishes he was back in the ring wrestling against him.

– It was reported earlier this year that an in-ring spot with Titus O’Neil and Darren Young led to WWE firing Goldust. Goldust had been working as an agent for the SmackDown brand and apparently came up with a spot that saw O’Neil & Young hit Yoshi Tatsu with a double powerbomb. The bump was said to be unsafe and the report was that this led to Goldust’s release. After last night’s RAW, Goldust commented on the two progressing:

“These 2 @primetimeplayers have improved alot! Good for u titus and darren. Keep learnin boys ur doing great #RAW”

– WWE’s website has footage from the commercial break on RAW Monday night where CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler was made. The video showed the four Superstars brawling and Lawler wailing away on Punk outside of the ring before AJ Lee came out and made the match.