Bret Hart Wishes Punk Good Luck, DiBiase Update, Otunga Talks

– A fan asked WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase how his ankle was doing in Miami this weekend and he replied:


“Healing slow and at the moment painful, but Gonna prop it up and watch #wrestlemania28 live!!”


Ted had to miss a DiBiase Posse Party in Miami earlier today due to doctors orders.


– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart wrote on Twitter today how he wishes he was in Miami for WrestleMania 28 and is looking forward to CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho the most.


Punk replied:


“@BretHart is looking forward to watching me do what I do at #wrestlemania words cannot express how that makes me feel. Keep your eyes peeled”


Bret then wished Punk good luck:


“@CMPunk Good luck today. Have a great match & make history my friend”


– David Otunga spoke with to promote WrestleMania 28 and said nobody in WWE is like him:


“Quite frankly, I don’t think there is anybody like me. I don’t think there’s anybody like me in WWE or in the world for that matter. I’m just so unique. Nobody has the combination of brains, brawn and good looks that I do. I think I’m the ultimate superstar. It sounds like bragging, but I’m really just being honest.”