Bret Hart On WWE Superstars, Cody Rhodes Injury Update, Eve Torres In COMBOS Video

Bret Hart

– Bret Hart spoke with to promote the new WWE ’13 video game and cited Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio as today’s innovators. Bret talked about today’s top wrestlers:

“They’ve really stepped up a lot. They might not be as big and as bulky as the wrestlers back in the ’80s were, but they’re every bit as hard-workers as this industry has seen. I think they’re working harder today than they’ve ever been working.”

– Cody Rhodes tweeted the following about his injury:

“Just peeked at my shoulder, genuinely quick healer. Be back before most of these big talkers on the list #healingfactor”

– WWE Diva Eve Torres appears in a new video from The COMBOS Files: