Bret Hart’s WrestleMania 29 Reaction, Talks Undertaker’s Streak Ending, Owen Hart & More

Bret Hart

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart answered questions from fans on his Facebook page Thursday afternoon, covering WrestleMania 29, his brother Owen and more. Here are some highlights of what he spoke about:

WrestleMania 29: “I thought Undertaker and Punk stole the show… I thought the two main events (Rock vs. Cena, Triple H vs. Lesnar) were more than predictable. Step by step. Overall I thought the show was good. The highlight of WrestleMania weekend for me was the induction of Bruno. All of the Hall of Famer recipients were great selections.”

John Cena vs. The Rock: “I thought they both worked really hard, and I’m glad that Cena won. But from an imagination stand point I saw the match that they gave about a year ago in my head… and absolutely nothing surprised me.”

Undertaker’s Streak Ending: “Let’s just say at WM 50 – Undertaker loses streak to Joe Henning… and he is pinned with the PerfectPlex at the 59 minute mark.”

Owen Hart: “I honestly think my brother Owen would still be alive today” had the Montreal Screwjob not occurred.

Returning To The UK: “I don’t have anything at the present moment …but usually my schedule doesn’t get going till now. Just check with my website, im usually pretty good about posting my appearances on there”

Replacing Jerry Lawler On Commentary: “Ahh… only if I was good at it. King is pretty good”

Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington: “I talk to him occasionally .. last time I spoke with him he sounded good and at peace with the world. We even had a good few laughs”

Favorite WrestleMania Moment Ever: “When Rowdy Piper, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon and Lex Lugar carried me around the ring …”

Changing A WrestleMania Match: “I would have changed WM2 to the match they originally had in mind … Bret Hart vs. The Dragon SteamBoat. Why … because it was a match we both always wished we had.”

Moves He Loved & Hated: “I hated the Samoan drop … and I liked to take standing suplex’s”

Favorite Career Promo/Interview: “I always liked my Edmonton Oiler promo at the height of my US/Canada stuff around July ’97 …. You know the one abou”t Canada taking care of the “sick and the old …. Gun control ..” etc etc.”

  • Danny Murphy

    I really hope Bret was joking about that WM50 idea, I presume he was but it’s hard to know with Bret. Joe Hennig would be 54, Taker would be 69 like really? that has to be some sort of joke.