Bret Hart’s WWE TV Return, DiBiase-Rhodes, Heat On Leavine

– Bret Hart is rumored to be returning to WWE television in the near future. The Hitman is booked for several upcoming SmackDown shows and creative is discussing possible storyline ideas for him.

– There has been talk of the USA Network airing a new ‘preview’ show on Monday nights prior to WWE RAW, similar to what the NFL does with its pre-game show for Monday Night Football.

– Despite several botched attempts at establishing Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as a viable tag team, WWE officials are said to be committed to getting them over on the SmackDown brand. The dynamic between The Miz and Alex Riley is being seen as a blueprint for what WWE will do with DiBiase and Rhode, with DiBiase doing Rhodes’ dirty work for now and then eventually turning babyface and feuding with Rhodes.

– Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine got screamed at backstage at RAW the night of the Tough Enough season finale. A top WWE official ripped into Leavine for about five minutes due to the way he didn’t sell the slap from Mr. McMahon and Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner. Leavine was told that he’s a piece of crap who doesn’t respect the business and will never amount to anything in WWE. As previously reported, Leavine will be heading to developmental to sharpen his skills in the coming months. Considering the heat on him, it will be interesting to see if he ever makes it out of FCW.