Brie Bella Talks About Her Relationship With Daniel Bryan, Feud With Eva Marie, Nikki & More

OK Magazine recently spoke with Brie Bella to promote the return of WWE Total Divas. Here are some highlights:

OK!: First things first I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement! How’s wedding planning going?

Brie Bella: Well we actually, it’s so funny because our schedules are so crazy. We really have to plan around work. But I have definitely gone and tried on a bunch of wedding dresses. That was first on my list and it’s been so much fun. Bryan and I will be in Austin Texas towards the end of November and we are actually looking at a wedding venue there. We really want a rustic, country wedding so we feel like Austin would be a great place.

OK!: How do you think filming Total Divas has changed your relationship with Bryan?

BB: Like anything, when you kind of just open up your home and your personal life, the privacy aspect can affect the relationship. It hasn’t affected us too much but there are moments where I just kind of want to scream at him. But then I see the camera and I’m like, fake smile, fake smile. I am lucky that Bryan is such a low key guy. He has really been great for this whole process.

OK!: On a not as happy note, it seems like there’s lots of tension this half of the season with you, Nikki and Eva Marie. Is the feud real or played up for the cameras?

BB: The thing is, you are putting so many different personalities together trying to force friendships and it is like, we are still going for one spot. Especially in the first episode because it is Summer Slam, that is a big night for us and I was lucky enough to have a singles match but how can someone just walk in and try to capitalize off that?! We definitely have our moments where we get along great but you will see a lot more of Eva just kind of being herself and just trying to get ahead without working hard. She has her ways.

OK!: On the reunion show, it seemed like John Cena didn’t want to get married at all. Has that changed?

BB: Not really, but you will get to see too in the second half that John’s love for Nikki does grow stronger even though they have their ups and downs. We just don’t know if that love will be strong enough to put a ring on her finger. John is one of those guys that you never truly know, he sticks to something and then all of the sudden in one night he could change his mind. So I never think of it as a final no.

OK!: Were there any moments that were on the first half of the season that you hated watching and wished weren’t on TV?

BB: All my conversations with my sister make me laugh. You have your own language with your sister but sometimes it can come off that we are the most uneducated people in the world. Sometimes I’m like, “gosh do people think I’m dumb?” It’s kind of like those Jessica Simpson moments and I’m like, “oh my gosh are we the next Jessica Simpson?” I think sisters can relate.

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