Brie Bella Update, Batista Lashes Out At Fans For Picking On His Blue WWE Payback Ring Gear

– WWE has removed Brie Bella from the roster to continue with the storyline from Payback where she quit. She is still listed for some live events and signings in the next few months.

– As seen during WWE Payback Sunday night, the term “#Bluetista” was trending on Twitter and even mentioned by the announcers. Batista tweeted the following about fans making fun of his blue ring gear today:

  • Joshua Williams

    Batista sure is a sensitive one. Maybe try matching what your partners are wearing? Oh and, you’re a heel, dress like one. Just a thought.

    • ksedude

      He grew a beard, that’s the best he could do I guess to look more heelish. lol

  • da guy wit opinions

    He is standiing out and making you talk about him…..That’s what heels do.

  • Josh

    i was so excited for boootista to come back to the wwe, all and all it was a big disapointment. does 3 moves breaks a sweat and thats it. complete bullshit! the only person im really hyped to see debut at end of this year is kurt angle, mark my words kurt will be back!