British Wrestler Suffers Serious Injury After Match With AJ Styles In The UK (Updated)

It is being reported that during a Preston City Wrestling event on Saturday, Lionheart was injured following a Styles Clash from AJ Styles after what was said to be an excellent match. During the move Lionheart tucked his chin and landed squarely on the top of his head.

Lionheart was said to be lying face down in the ring not moving his arms or legs afterwards.This is similar to the Roderick Strong incident back in January in ROH, when Strong got injured taking the same move.

This incident occurred at the end of the show and fans were asked to quickly leave the building so the Officials along with medics that came out could attend to Lionheart. No word on how he is as of yet, but some of his co-workers are tweeting ‘pray for Lionheart’. Dixie Carter tweeted this:


The following is from Preston City Wrestling’s official Facebook and Twitter:

(Partial source: F4Wonline)

  • Guest

    Preston City Wrestling have confirmed he is his “usual grumpy self” and has feeling and movement in his arms and legs. Hopefully it was just a stinger and he’ll be back in the ring again soon.

  • Monty605

    Update from Preston City Wrestling Facebook page: “MRI scan has revealed Lionheart has a broken neck. We are looking at the best of a bad situation. He does not need surgery and he is sitting upright without a neck brace on. No nerve damage can be seen and hopefully just a clean break. As we said before he has good movement in his arms and legs.
    Lionheart himself wanted me to tell you all about his neck and he said “tell them I got a broken neck cause it makes me look like a hard bastard”.”

    They make ’em tough up in Scotland.

  • Monty605

    Furthermore it was after last nights main event and not friday’s show.

  • James Humwood

    To think this could of happens to big e against cesaro last Monday . Thoughts and prayers to lion heart and his family

    • Guest

      Could “have”, not could “of”. Not being a dick, I know you write it that way because you saw others write it that way, but let’s try to stop the vicious cycle. :)