Brock Lesnar & His Potential Future Opponents To WWE WrestleMania 31

This past Sunday we witnessed the biggest beat down of the summer. Brock Lesnar destroyed this generation’s biggest hero in brutal fashion. It wasn’t even close. Seth Rollins might be the first Money in the Bank holder that’s going to let his contract expire and I don’t blame him. This is exactly what WWE needed for Brock Lesnar. He proved to the world that he is indeed a beast that needs to be conquered. Whoever that person is will surely get the biggest rub of the century. Until then, who should Brock continue to conquer? I think keeping the belt on him (no matter what his work schedule is) until Wrestlemania 31 is best for story line purposes. Everyone they throw at him could be built up as the guy that could defeat the beast, but fails, putting a stake through the hearts of the many fans that want to see him lose. Here’s a list of WWE superstars that Brock should conquer before he drops the belt to the next big thing.

Randy Orton

Here’s a match that we haven’t seen on WWE programming since Randy Orton was a rookie. Randy has called Brock out on leaving the WWE for years and Brock has responded with his usual cocky attitude of not giving a damn. Their backstage dislike of each other can be used for a potential storyline down the road. Randy has the agility to counter many of Brock’s attacks. Randy is a better performer than he’s credited for and can tell one heck of a story in the WWE ring. The other plus side here is that fans will consider this a fresh feud since their match on Smackdown twelve years ago was meaningless. I consider this one of WWE’s last big feuds for Brock before he eventually leaves for good.


Love him or hate him you still want to see him take on The Beast. The Animal vs The Beast can easily headline any of the big four PPV’s. Especially now since Batista’s performance in Guardians of the Galaxy has won the hearts of many. WWE can use this to their advantage by having him return to challenge for the title around Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series while his performance is still fresh in people’s minds. Fans will be behind him this time and since the fans can’t stand Brock he should get one hell of a pop once his music plays while Brock stands in the ring. Given Batista’s size it’s believable that he would stand a fighting chance against Brock Lesnar. I understand that he and Brock respect one another so I can see Brock selling more for Batista than he would anyone else. The Animal vs The Beast is too good to pass up.

Dolph Ziggler

He’s Mr. Showoff, you know, but he’s also a rising star that needs a rub, even if it is a beat down. No way do I see Dolph beating Brock, but their match would definitely look good on television and would give Dolph a much needed popularity boost. He’s already over so a quick match on Monday Night Raw would not only help Dolph’s future, but will also give Brock one more fan favorite to eat while the kids cry. Dolph is the best seller in the WWE so I have no doubt he will make Brock look like a real beast in that ring. Brock doesn’t wrestle on Mondays, but this is something WWE should consider on the road to Wrestlemania.

Dean Ambrose

Here is a guy that’s crazy enough to challenge Brock for the title and you know what? He’s crazy enough to win. Dean is unpredictable in that ring. You don’t know what he’s going to come up with next. Brock will throw him around the ring, but Dean will always come back with a swing. If that doesn’t work then his next swing will be with a steel chair. If that doesn’t work he’ll come back with brass knuckles. If that doesn’t work, well, you get the idea. Brock wouldn’t know what to do with Dean in that ring which could throw Brock off his game. Dean is heading for great things and a win over Brock is the rub he needs to make him a solid main eventer. I already see him as this generation’s Brian Pullman with the never give up attitude until I kick some ass of Stone Cold Steve Austin. If it ever happens I can see it being one of the best feuds WWE has to offer.

The Rock

This match has been in the works for years now, but there was always something standing in the way. They want to wrestle each other again, Vince wants them to face off, and so does the WWE Universe so it’s going to happen sooner or later. The question is when will it happen and who will it benefit? In the short run this match will make the WWE a lot of money, but in the long run no new stars will be born. Having Rock beat Brock before someone else will take away all the heat Brock and Paul Heyman made for themselves. Booking this match before Brock drops the belt or loses will insure a Rock lose, taking away the suspense of who’s going to over. The match will be great for anyone who likes sports entertainment, but timing is everything here.

Roman Reigns

If anyone is going to beat Brock and take the title from him it’s going to be this guy. He’s being groomed to be the next big thing and there are talks of having him main event Wrestlemania 31 against The Beast. I would prefer Dean Ambrose, but Reigns has that “thing” about himself that gets the crowd going and asses out the seats. Dean would be able to get a better match out of Brock, but Reigns is their guy to carry the company next and in order for that to happen he has to defeat Brock for the title at the biggest stage of them all.

Given Brocks limited schedule these are the guys that I think he should face before his contract expires. He has another match against John Cena at Night of Champions. I doubt Brock’s going to lose because that will defeat the purpose of everything they’ve done with him. This is one Villain that Cena should not overcome. Save that for Dean Ambrose. Save it for Roman Reigns. Save it for a guy in that locker room that deserves the rub. After all, having a new star beat The Beast for the title is what’s best for business.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Necro

    I think after Night of Champions we could see a Orton vs Batista match for the #1 contender for the title the next time he defends it.

  • KillerKali

    dean ambrose is better than roman reigns but neither should beat brock, daniel bryan should because there’s a story already in place. RR simply can’t put on a WM main event quality match 1 on 1 yet, and i wouldn’t want to rush ambrose into that spot either

    • Angel Mendoza

      well ambrose no way can beat brock ever.
      Roman might have a chance cuz he’s a “fan” favorite.
      batista has a chance to beat brock and so does randy.
      the rock? he shouldn’t even be in this conversation but make more movies.
      ziggler is just way to weak.

  • cj

    I’d love to see an F5 countered into an RKO . That feud would require one if them to go face tho .

  • Arvind

    Hey why not Ambrose? He’s clearly the most over right now and he’s built as being absolutely unpredictable and insane. It’s kind of like Brock Lesnar enjoys dealing out pain and Ambrose is insane enough to come back from whatever Brock does to him. But given Ambrose is not going to be back till NOC (I assume), his booking would have to be absolutely perfect to look as a credible threat to Lesnar.

    • codys moustache

      Wwe officials don’t see ambrose as a main eventer at the moment, I sort of agree, but give him a year and he ll be super over. By that time however I’m sure he ll be a main event heel

      • rohit arora

        if IWC will treat him like bryan den WWE will listen

    • rudy

      Yeah, sounds good. . Brock dishes the pain and dean absorbs it

  • wwm

    I was thinking that Ziggler could go on a good run with his IC title and chase world title shots(contender matches) but come up short do to politics. Then he could interrupt Lesnar one day being sick of it all and Challenge lesnar for his IC title instead of the WWE title, saying that title represent what wrestling is about and then somehow get a roll up victory. Star created, IC title becomes valuable, Lesnar isn’t hurt because it could be seen as a fluke win. Everyone wins.

  • rohit arora

    let’s go Ambrose…
    roman is boring…and a bad wrestler wish he would rather no sold like Goldberg and would rather hit some power slams…

  • doug Gotsalks

    just got an acc to tell arvind to please STFU u over opionated idiot

  • doug Gotsalks

    just like your comments on jeff hardy u know nothing soo shutup

  • Michael Fink

    Roman Reigns is the guy to promote up to the Main Event spot!!!