Brock Lesnar Reportedly In Talks With Dana White For UFC Return

Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times has confirmed that the UFC is in contract talks with Brock Lesnar.

Some have speculated that Lesnar and his management continue to use both the UFC and WWE against each other to drive up his contract demands.

Pugmire tweeted:

  • haladams

    there’s ” no chance, no chance in hell ” that Vince would sign Brock and allow him to compete for UFC at the same time. Maybe when his contract is up in 2015 wm31, I see it possibly happening but Brock is making huge money for very little work in the WWE. In the UFC he may be risking his life for one huge pay off.

  • saulewright

    Dana won’t ply this game with Brock at all. Brock is a decent draw, but I’d have to bet that he’s lost some magic after seeing him crumble AND knowing of his condition. Dana has the upperhand and the ego. He may just tell Brock I’ll give you a 3 shot contract for this amount, take it or leave it. I’m sure it won’t be near what VKM is paying him.