Would Brock Lesnar Consider Returning To UFC?, Paul Heyman Offers His Thoughts

Published On 09/08/2012 | By PWMania.com Staff | News

Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar’s on-air WWE representative and the co-author of his autobiography, “Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination and Survival,” does not believe the 35-year-old will ever return to the octagon of UFC.

“I think Dana White would love to have Brock Lesnar back,” Heyman told MMAJunkie.com. “I think Lorenzo Fertitta would love to have Brock Lesnar back. Does Brock Lesnar want to go back? I don’t think Brock has anything to prove in the UFC anymore. He’s 35 years old. He made a lot of money in the UFC.”

He continues, “His house and his farms and his cars and everything that he owns is paid for. Why would he go in and risk injury and concussions and risk any kind of physical damage when he doesn’t need to? That’s the thing you have to understand. How hungry can a fighter be when he has millions and millions of dollars in the bank? What’s there for him to gain? Another run as UFC heavyweight champion? Why would he do that?”

Heyman was also broached on whether Lesnar is worthy of the UFC Hall of Fame despite having fewer than ten career outings and a record one loss short of the .500 mark.

“Of course he is [a UFC Hall of Famer],” Heyman said. “Listen, here’s the thing: Look at the three that he lost to, number one. Number two, what if Brock Lesnar did what everyone else did and said, ‘Feed me a guy every other month for three years so I’ll get six victories a year. I’ll be 18-0 before you put me in there with a Frank Mir, a former UFC heavyweight champion, or Randy Couture and the legends of legends in UFC.'”

“But he didn’t do that. He walked in and said give me your best.”

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