Brodus Clay Talks About His Storyline with Xavier Woods, CM Punk Favorites Tweet on Emma

– Brodus Clay recently spoke with The Shining Wizards podcast and was asked about his storyline with Xavier Woods that was dropped on WWE TV:

“Honestly, I knew about as much as you guys did about the whole process, to be honest with you. I was already frustrated and the walls of communication had already broken down between me and creative. I don’t think anyone really benefited from that angle. It was just confusing. It was just one of those things, and obviously it led to the release. It was just weird. The only good thing was that I got to get my hands on R-Truth, and getting a chance to work him, and my match with him was one of my favorites that I’ve had in a while, so I enjoyed that very much. But I didn’t get a chance to have a big feud and I think the fans were confused and they felt that I was robbed. It was a weird kind of deal.”

– It appears CM Punk has revealed what he thinks about the Emma arrest situation. He favorited the following tweet from former WWE writer Seth Mates on Wednesday:

“Gotta be more to Emma story. Hope she is OK. If it’s just shoplifting, WWE’s level of hypocrisy has reached WWE levels of hypocrisy”

  • CMP

    I hope we get an article about CM Punk’s next possible bowel movement…we NEED to know.

    • Mario Cardone

      lmao right? I love punk but, really? I mean I kind of understand, like in 2011 what he did made wrestling huge, and then again now he is the biggest free agent in his prime to legit work full time since kurt angle?

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    CM Punk favorited a tweet about the WWE?