Bully Ray Wants To Fight Hulk Hogan At Bound For Glory, Jeff Jarrett Congratulates Kurt Angle

– During a TNA Slammiversary Q&A session that took place over the weekend, TNA World Champion Bully Ray commented on the possibility of Hulk Hogan wrestling at Bound For Glory:

“At the end of the day, everyone wants to see Hulk Hogan drop that big leg one more town … I would love to fight Hulk Hogan – in his last match.”

As for which TNA star he thinks would be a good addition to Aces & Eights, he said:

“There is a badass out there that hasn’t been around for awhile. He’s a bad dude that has a mean streak, and it’s Crimson.”

Finally, Bully was asked which company (ECW, WWE, TNA) was the best to work for:

“Every single one of those companies have so many good qualities, and so many bad. The great part of ECW was you got to do whatever you wanted to do, and be whoever you wanted to be. Paul [Heyman] encouraged you to speak up and … become a better performer. When you get to WWE, that doesn’t go over so well.”

– At Slammiversary, it was announced that Kurt Angle would be the second inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall Of Fame taking place during Bound For Glory weekend in October. Through Twitter, fellow TNA legend Jeff Jarrett congratulated the Olympic Gold medalist on the honor.