Cable Companies Upset With WWE Over The Network, WWE’s Rights Fees Negotiations

WWE is looking at having “multiple suitors” once their TV deal with NBC Universal is up, meaning rights fees will certainly go up. WWE is expected to at least double their current fees. Regardless of who WWE ends up going with, it could turn out to be a huge story with the “multiple suitors” being interested.

Comcast, DirecTV and other cable companies are indeed upset about the launch of the WWE Network. Of course Comcast owns NBC Universal. At the end of the day, WWE likely prefers to stay with the USA Network, which is also owned by NBC Universal, but if someone else were to offer them a large amount of money they could be interested in making a move.


  • Akemi Mokoto

    I get the feeling the WWE might end up backing down on parts of the WWE network, like the PPV. Hopefully, the WWE stands strong against cable companies.

  • Typhoon

    Been down this road before… TNN was brutal. Hopefully they stay with USA where they have carte blanche with just about all aspects of programming…

  • Being Benjamin

    Meh, Cable is a dying brand. I’d be ticked too if I was on the out…from a technology stand point anyway. WWE actually needs to stand firm here if they cut out the PPV then I cut out WWE Network.

    I keep hoping for the day that cable becomes obsolete. I really hope more and more things go to streaming online networks.