The Cahoon Run Down: RAW Review 10.1.12

Hello all, Geddy Cahoon here with another RAW review for your reading pleasure. Without any further adieu, let’s hop into this!

Opening Segment: I’m not sure how I felt about this opening. It ran for a really a long time, but I don’t actually remember a lot of it. Apparently it ran about 7 minutes longer than it was supposed to. That does not shock me. It dragged by and nothing really happened. It’s not like Ziggler and Punk are going to feud or anything. It was just like, “Hey let’s just toss a bunch of upper midcarders with the WWE champ and see what happens.” I know a lot of people are happy that Cena isn’t around, but if his absence just leads to randomness like this, I kind of want him back. I did like the part where everyone started screaming at each other, but another issue here is that there’s really nobody for the fans to cheer. I mean, I guess Kane and Bryan are effectively faces now, but they don’t really act like it. This segment was, overall, just… Odd.

Like or Hate: Hate I guess, but it’s more apathy than anything else.

Rey and Cara vs. Primo and Epico: I sort of checked out during, this match, but what I saw was pretty decent. These guys are all solid or at least average workers. I dug Cara and Rey’s half swapped outfits. That was pretty awesome. It was predictable that Rey and Cara were going to win, but at least WWE finally has the Tag Division back and on TV.

Like or Hate: Like, the Tag Division is almost back in full swing.

Cesaro vs. Clay: This match was quick and pointless, but HOLY FUCK CESARO PICKED UP BRODUS CLAY. That’s friggin’ badass. I enjoy Cesaro. Don’t love him or anything, and the fact that his finisher is called “The Neutralizer” pisses me off, but I’m fine with him as champ as long as he’s on TV. Good to see him going over big guys like Clay. On a side note, Clay is only ever used to put guys over it seems. Wonder if WWE will ever pull the trigger and push him.

Like or Hate: Like

Miz vs. Zack Ryder: Another quick match in which a midcard champ went over. Not that I’m complaining. I hate Zack Ryder and love The Miz. Nothing much to say here other than that this was basically just to make Miz look strong after he jobbed clean to Ryback last week. It did the job in that respect.

Like or Hate: I always Like when Miz gets a win on TV.

Sheamus Debates Big Show: I really don’t want to cause myself the torment of going through this again, but I’ll just say that this was a sucky segment. Big Show was entertaining. It’s my opinion that Show, regardless of your feelings towards him, does competently regardless of what role he’s given. He was funny, but only because he seemed so sarcastic. The sad thing is that he’s basically the face here. He hasn’t done anything wrong other than contend for the title. Sheamus has bullied him, berated him, and threatened him. I won’t get into a big thing here, but Sheamus is the worst face EVER. I hate him beyond all reason, and it’s to a point where I really am hoping that Show wins the belt at HiAC. So this segment got me rooting for someone, but it was the wrong guy.

Like or Hate: Hate. Hate with all my heart.

Ryback vs. Tensai: I’ve really been digging Ryback recently. I loved Skip Sheffield, and I’m loving the dominance and abilities he’s displaying in this role. That said, this match was sucky, though it wasn’t really Ryback’s fault. Tensai is literally too big to be picked up by Ryback. Ryback seemed legitimately angry when they botched the finish twice, and this match was made even more pointless by the fact that it didn’t even make Ryback look that strong. Tensai’s a joke at this point, everyone beats him. And Ryback couldn’t even pick him up.

Like or Hate: Hate

Eve vs. Beth Phoenix: I don’t feel like recounting this. Beth Phoenix is retiring soon, so naturally she keeps losing.

Like or Hate: Don’t give a Shit

Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater: In theory, I should be really excited for Mahal, McIntyre and Slater’s new stable. They’re three relatively entertaining guys who have bright futures if used well. But there are a couple of issues here. First off, the group is basically still a joke. Slater couldn’t even beat Santino, and what group shows their dominance by attacking Santino? He’s a jobber. My biggest issue is that Slater is the leader. I don’t mind Slater, but no one will take this team seriously if he’s the boss. The best way to get Mahal and McIntyre out of their current slump is not to make them Heath Slater’s minions… Anyway, this was a stupid segment/match.

Like or Hate: I guess against my issues, I have to Like if it gets these guys on TV.

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow: Wow. This was freaking amazing. Sandow is such a bright spot in the current WWE, and he continually causes my love for him to grow. I would’ve preferred a less clean loss, but the fact that the announcers kept making such a big deal of how well Sandow performed in the match kind of made the loss okay. I don’t know what else to say other than this was an awesome, PPV-quality match that we got for free on RAW and that rules.

Like or Hate: Love

Punk/JR Promo: This was a solid promo. I kind of get sick of the whole “let’s pick on JR” thing, but picking on JR (Especially in his hometown) is a decent way to draw heat. Punk was on top of his game here, and him telling the audience to shut up was pretty awesome. One thing I don’t get is Heyman’s involvement in the storyline. I mean, I love the guy, and I guess the idea is that he “corrupted” CM Punk, but he kind of just… Stands there. I don’t know. Ryback’s run-in was awesome, and though I worry if they’re pulling the trigger too early on a main event push for Ryback, the freshness of these encounters is welcome.

Like or Hate: Like

Del Rio vs. Kofi: Wow. This is so boring that I want to die.

Like or Hate: Pure, unmitigated HATE

Punk and Ziggler vs. Kane and Bryan: I didn’t see all of this match, but what I did see was competent, as you’d expect these four to be. What struck me as odd was that Punk lost relatively cleanly in the main event of RAW. That’s kind of dumb. I’m sick of Ziggler, and Team Hell No is starting to wear a bit thin for me to be brutally honest. But I guess if it brings focus back on the Tag Belts that’s good. This was ultimately just a weird main event because there was no face, and the focus was primarily on the Tag Champs and not, you know, Punk.

Like or Hate: Unsure, Really

I guess this was a decent RAW. I’ll throw it a 7/10, though that’s being a tad generous. Had more good than bad moments, though I don’t remember a ton of either. I’m loving the focus on Ryback, loving Sandow, and loving the Tag Division’s comeback though.

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